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Yeah. Forget the useful little feature which actually might get you to switch from using Amex where it already exists. You’re doing your shopping wrong.


Had a weird how’d-you-do with my Chase account yesterday.

Purchased train ticket from usual self-service terminal, and received push notifications from Chase and Google Pay that the transaction had gone through. Tickets printed and collected from the machine.

Even the 40p roundup went into the roundup account.

While on the train, I receive an SMS from Chase : “Your payment for £6.60 … didn’t go through. No money has left your account.”

I cheque my app and, sure enough, the £6.60 transaction has disappeared. Yet the 40p roundup still there. So now my balance not ending in .00 :man_facepalming: (small thing I know)

Okay. Nice bonus, I thought.

Then this morning, I get push notification from Chase that I have completed a £6.60 transaction at 07:53, 13/10/2021, some 18.5 hours after the transaction was actually conducted :man_shrugging:

Not only that, the app had moved 40p into my Roundups account again :+1: :rofl:

I am not complaining, because I have no issue paying for a service I used. I am just curious as to why there was an issue anyway, and how it got automatically resolved.

Could it have been the old online / offline transaction thing, and it rectified when back online?

Anyone else experienced similar yet?


I ordered something and the round up went, item was refunded, round up stayed in pot. I wonder if it’s that broken with the 1% cashback too :sweat_smile:

Cash back can break as much as it wants :grin:


Had the same issue last week. Payment was returned and the roundup went through :smiley:

The funny part is that it happened on the exact day when I moved £0.22 to make sure I have a .00 amount :crazy_face::man_facepalming:

No way!!

I moved 22p from one account to my Chase account to make is .00 too :rofl:

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Have you told them in chat?

Just had Ocado delivery and after shopping the total was adjusted about 2 minutes after deliver with chase and they also adjusted the cashback amount

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Ocado never finalise the amount until after delivery anyway because they adjust the final amount by how many bags your order came in, total price of weighted products, and other stuff like refunds for substitutes etc.

When I did an order earlier in the week the Chase verification thing fired, and then never fired again once I amened the order a few times which increased the order amount.

I only saw the transaction actually appear on my account a few minutes after the delivery driver had gone.

Yes. They are investigating.

It showed on my account at 00.13 this morning

Does anyone know for sure if dentistry falls within one of the excluded categories for cashback? It’s not explicitly stated but I could see it fall under a couple of categories – and if it does, I might as well use Barclaycard for 0.25% back instead

Maybe ask, if they say yes and it’s not later you’ve the chat log to point to?

It may fall under hospital fees, but I suspect this may vary, in that cosmetic dental practices, may be treated similar to a salon.

I’ve not tried a dentist, we still can’t get appointments for regular check ups and cosmetic treatments due to covid just yet, but I’ve had a few edge cases that could have fallen into a category that’s ineligible be rewarded with cash back, thanks to an accepted MCC.

The good to know part of the list is important to bear in mind, and why a dental practice bill could go either way, among others.

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I guess the opposite might sometimes be true as well. Something which doesn’t seem eligible for cashback might generate cashback.

Well, had my first chat experiences with Chase. Messaged them at like 11.30pm and still got a response within a couple of minutes. Thanks to Apple’s new stupid do not disturb rules I wasn’t notified of them though until this morning :angry:

The first advisor gave a very, very vague answer “any services are not eligible” or something along those lines.

This morning though the second advisor apologised for yesterday’s answer and said private dental fees should be eligible and indeed I have some pending cashback now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Although I suppose NHS dentistry might fall under “hospital fees”? If there is a way for transactions to be submitted under two separate MCCs

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Just received a new Apple Watch and, of course, unpairing the old watch got rid of any cards in the watch’s Wallet.

Just a reminder that to add the Chase card again you need to do it from the Chase app - it will fail if you try and add it from the Watch app.


I have applied for the waitlist and really intrigued about giving Chase a go. How long does it normally take to receive a code?

Also, Does Chase have any feature similar to the ‘left to spend’ which Monzo has?

Wait time can be variable.

Yes it does, if you set a budget.

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Good info - that’s why I wasn’t able to add the Chase card to the Wallet on my Mac, then.

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