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They should do what bunq do and just keep your accounts sitting there in the background


I don’t know of anyone who would close their chase account LOL.

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Really? Monzo never made me aware of this, I’ll just leave it dormant. Seems a bit harsh to permanently ban people had an account

Seems like chase additional accounts and savings accounts are really good.

I like that that have sort code and account number to do direct debits against them. And send/receive money directly into them. But also to schedule things.

Closed my pots in Monzo and moved to savings accounts in chase. Same thing, and has higher interest. Plus for upcoming direct debits made scheduled payments from chase savings to Monzo. Before I move direct debits over.

Now I am starting to question why I use Monzo. Cause it not longer fulfils any needs not done elsewhere.

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Chase must have done some merchant logo updates for the direct debits as mine are now mostly showing as logos:


Thread here talking about it.

Are you 10?


@djhworld found the article, not sure if this ringfencing cap is still hampering Marcus but could explain why they aren’t as aggressive with rates given they could afford to pay more:

Tried signing up, can’t sign up, support button doesn’t work. They must be busy :smile:

My farther did open an account with Chase yesterday and it went through fine, this was at 8pm-ish for the manual account check

Well this’ll do for starters - going to move all my discretionary spending here and just keep Monzo for my Direct Debits and Pension. Never thought I’d see this day.


Is anyone have problems with opening new accounts within the app? I’m getting “you have reached your limit with us”, I have 8 accounts within the app, 4x normal accounts & 4x savings :thinking: contacted CS and they say I can up to 20 accounts, that includes 10 savings accounts.



Every time I see that roundup logo I think of Google assist



Oh that perfect service is slipping already!


Doubt they’ll hit the levels of Monzo though.


Or the customers.


I think you’re being unfair. Chase have a far more appealing proposition for the general public who don’t care about nerding out in Google Sheets (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

How long have Monzo been around? And their CS has just gone downhill ever since I can remember. No real improvement.

Chase Monzo’d themselves currently but they have money to throw at the project so hopefully they’ll adjust quickly


Yeh I’m thinking about doing the same. It’s quite a compelling offer

Cashback and great interest is always going to hook people in.

Whether they have enough to keep people beyond that, is another matter.