Chase Bank UK chat

Got the offer although I already have a savings account at 4.1%. Was still able to open the boosted savings account and transferred funds from the 4.1% account to the boosted 5.1% account.


Ditto. R-

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Chase merchant icons can crack me up. The very local small coffee has its icon as an airplane :joy:
They certainly have no connection to planes or airports so no idea how it ended up wrong like that.

Is it not a category logo?

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Sadly nae as the category is “going out”, I guess a plane would count as that :joy:

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Yes there’s some terrible logos on Chase. I have been to a fish and chip shop called “Holiday Inn Fish and Chips” and Chase put the hotel logo for it


After years they developed or used a very good logo for Lidl and now it’s disappeared and returned to show a shopping basket :shushing_face:

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The Amazon logo has recently changed from matching the app icon to a black logo now

I’ve finally got the extra 1% boost on my Chase savings. Like others, just created a new savings account and moved all my existing savings to it


The payment pages have had a full design overhaul.

I like it, looks much fresher, the original page was very busy so I like that it’s split out now. Regular payees is a nice addition too.


Same old page for me.

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Ios or android?

That’s iOS.

I do like Chase’s aesthetics and clean look icons. Wish I hadn’t of been in a rush to close my account when they first opened and didn’t do basic direct debits haha. Oh well.


Must be a feature flag as I haven’t had an app update since June 12th and I’ve definitely seen the old UI since then.

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Same here

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Still the same here, and no outstanding update.

Meanwhile, does anyone else get slightly annoyed that the app is only available on one device at once? I mean one or the other, not simultaneously.

I have an iOS tablet and an android phone, and tend to use the former at home and the latter everywhere else. I haven’t tested it but the impression is given that you have to uninstall on one device before you can use it on the other.