Chase Bank UK chat

I made the same mistake some months ago then realised it’s because I wasn’t eligible for lack of deposit :sweat_smile:

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Why would Chase add the fee bit at the bottom and 0%?

Wonder if they’re going to start charging at certain limits.


Doubt it. It’s been there since launch. Probably just to emphasise the fact they don’t charge a fee.


Ah I’ve never noticed I don’t think.

It will be ensure that if you are ever charged a fee you know it wasn’t Chase.

There are tons of posts on here with people complaining about Monzo charging them when it’s actually the ATM provider or terminal provider etc

Transport does get cashback, I get cashback from Transport for London every time I use it, and have got it from train tickets too. Booking a train is not the same as buying a car, if the person on the chat doesn’t know that, it doesn’t bode well for their ability to help people…

I’ve been setting up a few direct debits with Chase recently, and have been finding that they fail some sort of automatic check using online forms. Examples are:

  • American Express
  • Interactive Investor

These companies give you the option to send off a paper form though, and this then gets set up successfully.

Were Monzo and Starling like this with direct debits when they first launched? Seems as though the Chase sort code might not yet be fully established somehow?

I had exactly the same issue with these two when I tried to set up DDs with my HSBC Premier account. It turned out that HSBC were starting to use a new 40-xx-xx sort code that they didn’t recognise. I was able to submit a bank statement online, though, to both Amex and ii.

They were the only two out of 15 DDs that I had an issue with.

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Monzo definitely was and still is because they’ve started using 04-00-03 now too.



Every new bank/sort code has this problem.
It’s unavoidable.

I had it with Monzo, then N26, and now Chase. Think it was just Sky that weren’t accepting it though when I moved my direct debits over. The others updated fine.


I’ve been lucky I think, never had the sort code issue, even with both Monzo sort codes.

Upwork doesn’t recognise the Monzo sort code either

Super annoying

Wonder what they’re up to :eyes:

Odd time to do it on a Friday evening.


Why? Not many people will be using their app at that time, so makes perfect sense. Probably as they say, routine maintenance.


If Monzo thought like that it would’ve completely killed the pay your friends back point

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If my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make

I was trying to say that if monzo thought payments on Friday weren’t important / people used the app on a Friday, then that would’ve made their point about paying friends / splitting bills moot. That’s what I used to hear about them so much, not sure how big of a drive that was for new customers though

The outage only affects re-ordering cards and changing your PIN though. The work that has wider impact is done in the earlier hours.

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Between you and me, Monzo could probably do with some maintenance downtime of their own. Their backend is creakier than ever, and becoming progressively worse. Not to mention the ever more evident user experience compromises that have accompanied their approach.

I do share your suspicions with this maintenance though. The timing is earlier than you’d expect, is fairly long, and is attributed to a very particular app flow: ordering a card. If there is anything new, it’ll probably be updates to the card ordering process. I think this about lines up with their plan to shift away from issuing physical cards on expiration to customers who don’t use their physical card. They’ll probably need a flow for those customers to order one if they still want one.

We’ll find out when it’s finished. It could be worse though. They could have disabled the ability to order a new card for several months whilst they update it. Like Starling have done with opening additional accounts.