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Yes of course, but customers will meet this threshold and the spending of that one customer can make up for possibly 10 that don’t.

It’s just nice to see positive change, whether you’re able to achieve it that’s another question.

All still speculation though :rofl:

I suppose Chase are also betting that customers maxing out the cashback might also be lucrative customers if they can cross sell them other products.

(Although this new cashback offer still isn’t confirmed…)


Got this too. Very quick.

That battery :low_battery:


And here some of us are not sharing them and still not getting them :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Purchased some goods from b&q Friday; fairly sure I paid by Apple Pay.

Went to get them refunded, tapped Apple Pay, declined, checked the Apple Card details and the Chase bank app details, none matched the card number shown on the receipt.

Tapped physical card and the refund went on fine.



If they didn’t match then you must have used the physical card :laughing:

Which would explain why it worked when you used the physical.


I get that, but I’m not sure why I’d have used physical.

And they need not complicate things with different numbers :joy:


That’s never happened to me lol, I also once accidentally tapped the wrong card (not the one I paid with) but it refunded okay.

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Is that not the entire initial point of Apple Pay? That it was not the same as your physical card and therefore somewhat safer? It changes or something like that.

I don’t know the technical side of it but I feel certain at launch there was a song and dance about it by Apple.


Sorry I meant Chase. Physical vs virtual numbers for a payment.

Ah I see!

I suppose though that’s the same concept (from Chase).

To be honest I think these issues fall on the retailer. If I’m there with a different card but it’s either in the same name or the staff member can quickly see my ID then why make such an issue about refunding to a different card?

And the systems themselves usually can physically refund to anything - it’s just a transaction the other way. When I’ve worked retail it’s not a limitation of the system but just a policy of the retailer.


Screwfix refuse to refund Apple Pay payments now, in store they told me to leave the item and gave me a head office number to call and ask them to process it

Apparently some guy came with a bunch of stolen tools, had the receipt and asked him to refund it to a different card because “Apple Pay changes the numbers”, therefore if you’ve paid with Apple Pay it’s now policy in my local Screwfix that they won’t refund

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Does that not breach some kind of consumer laws? Or is it that they do refund but it’s just a really long and awkward way to do so?


I was just wondering the same, surely a statutory right to a refund can’t be refused.

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I have no idea but it was a lot of hoops to jump through to get a refund for a £30 paint can, and I had to take multiple trips to the store because

1st time rejected, told to call number and left with item
2nd time the head office told me to leave the item
3rd time i had to call head office back a week later to chase it

According to this the account number for each card is unique per-device, which I can verify with a card added to my iPhone, iPad and watch, but it doesn’t change each transaction. There’s other cryptography going on with unique signatures that are different each time so that nothing can be scanned or logged to be used again. So I’m not sure why retailers can’t issue a refund to the same payment method. The only time I can think of when I paid with Apple Pay and had to get a refund, I had to give them the physical card and they refunded that, I’m pretty sure they still matched it to the purchase rather though.

Should just be able to tap it the same as tapping/inserting a card to issue a refund:

So Screwfix may not be fully up to speed on how it’s supposed to work based on this. There shouldn’t be a reason to refuse Apple Pay refunds.

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I requested a new debit card, first one since joining Chase when it first launched a couple years ago.

Noticed the recycled plastic messaging on the back of the Chase card is gone. The new card appears to be less flimsy too, have they stopped using the recycled plastic material?

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