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Does it work? Do you get cashback with Chase on Octopus card payments?

I worry that they’ll just up it again for me or they’ll threaten me with a default even if I have money to cover the bills (bad experience with Bulb).

Yep, they didn’t take my direct debit for my first month with Chase, so I had to pay manually via the app with Apple Pay. Earned a couple of quid in cashback for it.

Asked about it in the octopus thread and I think it was @lpoolrob who suggested you can ask them to lower your direct debit to £1 and then pay by card.

You can’t lower it yourself. It needs special approval and you have to ask support for it. So given they’ve manually overridden it I’m hoping that means the system won’t automatically interfere going forward.

I emailed shortly after learning the tip on here and they got back to me on Thursday to say they’d changed it.

Edit: found the comment

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Forgot that Chase doesn’t work with the works rewards site (sodexo) so £200 down for a few days whilst I wait for the refund to come back in. Been months now and still not fixed…

How do you mean it “doesn’t work” to the point you’re still £200 down?

So I ordered currys vouchers for 6% less than they are worth
Buy them on sodexo, approve the app notification on chase
Money leaves chase
Sodexo says transaction failed
Money given back to me in around 5 days

So for the next 5 ish days I am £200 down

Sounds like something on Sodexo’s end if they’re taking the money and then refunding it 5 days later.

Report it as an acceptance issue to Chase and complain to Sodexo too.

If Chase were blocking they’d decline it at the first instance, or void the pending transaction at the second.

On the face of it though, it sounds like a verification issue. I’ve had this a lot from Smyth Toys and Steam. The merchant takes the money, something in your billing details trips their system and says you’re sus so they cancel it (it’s usually my unusual phone number that does it for me). Some will then lock you out from ordering for 48 hours (Hi Currys/PCworld).

So worth exploring some other kind of mismatch in your billing details too.

With Chase or?

I have had issues with steam and Chase quite a few times but it did eventually work so I wrote it off each time as system blips.

A range of banks and credit cards. Don’t remember which ones exactly and it’s been a while since I’ve had it happen.

I only know Smyths was tripped by them not recognising my mobile number as a mobile number because they told me, and when I tried again with a different mobile number following that email exchange it went through fine.

Don’t know what exactly trips the others up. I suspect system blips. Steam is especially finicky and not card specific in my experience. Sometimes the funds go onto your wallet, other times it declines and you have to wait for the pending charge to expire with your bank to get the money back.