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I still get them and have never completed one!

@BazzaBhoy shared a screenshot of the option I had over at the other place.

It would be good value, if you need everything it offers.


Quick question about Worldwide Travel Insurance generally. It’s not something I’ve had to get before (sadly) but just curious why Chase specifically felt the need to mention ‘Worldwide Travel Cover inc North America’. From my geography, I do believe North America is in the World so I would expect that to be included without saying…

Is that just Chase being American and assuming they should point that out specifically, or does Worldwide Travel Insurance generally NOT include North America?


Wonder what company they’d go to for iPhone repairs though.

Apple direct if they maybe snatch the Apple Card :crossed_fingers:t3::joy:

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Can only imagine it’s copy from an existing US product where they’re clarifying it also applies at home? Assumption might be you have to be abroad for it to be relevant if it’s “travel” insurance, and obviously you can still travel within your home country but they’re clarifying that.

I remember seeing this wording elsewhere too, maybe Nationwide FlexPlus? I think it is because US healthcare is so expensive that maybe some insurers don’t cover trips there or ask for extra premium to cover it?

A load of comparison sites will (or, at least, used to) omit NA due to the sheer expense of healthcare in the States. It was/is a USP.

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First Rule of Chase surveys - you do not talk about Chase Surveys!

Second Rule of Chase Surveys - YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT CHASE SURVEYS!


Just got to the end of a Chase survey and boom! Wasted my time, won’t be bothering again. It’s probably my fault for using Microsoft Edge, but still … doesn’t fill me with confidence.

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That’s user reported…

My guess is they tried onboarding someone who clicked that email link and thought someone was trying to steal their bank account and reported it.

I’m not sure how you’d even go about fixing it. One report is usually sufficient to get those warnings to trigger, and given how tiny Edge’s user base is and the relative size of the Chase customer research panel, not likely to ever get noticed.


Oh I see. Under “more information” there’s the option to report the site as safe, so I did that. Perhaps my survey sent, I’ll never know! :smile:

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Having fully moved across to Chase I noticed a small but very annoying thing. Every time I load the payments page, my standing orders rearrange themselves. Why can’t they just stay put?

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With the new switching bonuses being introduced, I remember someone in here mentioned making a second account to then do a switch without having their Chase account closed. Can’t find it with a quick search so has anybody successfully done this without losing anything else from Chase? Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can do this, you give the card details that you have visible in the app for switching.

You’ll keep the account and the card, as long as there’s more than one current account open.


Yes a few people have. Just make sure you have at least one active current account with Chase that isn’t being switched.


Thank you :kissing_heart:

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I’m doing the switch with Lloyds from a newly created empty current account in Chase and it is asking for my card expiry date and ‘Last 5 digits of your old card’ with the message “Once the switch is complete any regular payments made from this card will stop” which is something I don’t want to happen!

Is there any way around this?

It won’t happen, it’s just how switches normally go. You’ll be fine, your Chase card will remain active.


Ok thanks, I’m gonna trust you on this one bbz!

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Didn’t ask about the card back then but someone else did somewhere, Reddit maybe, and you keep the card.

The wording when switching is the other bank with a standard switching process, Chase is the first of its kind I think, who handles accounts/card differently.

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