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I guess I’m not sure how they could have catered to you then


Yeah, their email almost follows our own internal information overload policy. Succinct paragraphs of two sentences or less, with a limit of one compound and a limited vocabulary range. A design approach that’s meant to tailor comms to specifically to be inclusive of those with processing difficulties.

@Carlo1460 if you’re able to pin point specifics that makes this hard for you, and offer some constructive feedback, then forget Chase for a moment, because that would be very valuable information for me too!

Would splitting it across multiple pages or presenting it like a slideshow you have to click through have helped vs a longer page you have to scroll?


Aye I’m not sure either to be fair. If I take good time to read and process it’s not too bad, but as a general skim reader when there’s too much it just goes up and over.

Other half says some kinda dyslexia thing but I’m not so sure. Same goes for reading out loud, that doesn’t go well at all :joy:

I honestly don’t use the account for anything, just wasn’t sure if it was limited to 12 months but memory of a goldfish based on the above replies it was there haha.

As mentioned above I should probably just slow down instead of being ina hurry all the while :sweat_smile:


In my app (dont recall having an email about it yet as I am still in 12 months) it shows the reward being active but makes no mention of the 12 months and when I check the FAQ it doesnt list it.

For the initial 12 month period, it says in the ‘Reward’ section when the cashback finishes.

It says something like ‘You’re getting cashback on everyday debit card spending until ’ with the date being when you first accepted the cashback reward.


Yeah but the new offer on my app makes no mention of the period. This is for the £15 a month capped cashback. The FAQ also doesnt mention it for me.

I dont doubt the email has it and the full terms will have it but it seems like its an oversight that its not on the normal/upfront text on my app.


It says it quite clearly for me:


Does in the app aye.

With iPhone users. Are notifications instant and does the app function without delays?

I’ve had notifications disabled so will need to test them, but the app is very responsive on iOS yeah.

It does do the thing where the accounts are loaded and the balances may update a second or two later, but I believe that’s a UX decision to load the UI quicker and delay the API call so it’s asynchronous with the UI loading so the entire page isn’t dependant on low network latency to load quickly. So the page and list of accounts is loading and at the same time it’s refreshing the balances that then get updated. In most other apps the entire UI will show a loading state until the API call to load balances has completed, which can lead to a slower feel.

Other than that yeah the app is and always has been snappy.

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Notifications for me seem to be as instant with Chase as with Monzo or Starling. In shops it’ll generally be within a second or two of a transaction being completed. For transfer from other accounts, I’ll get the Chase notification of money received before I get the confirmation in app from the sending bank that it’s gone.

There’s still the slightly annoying issue in the app when you first load it up, it’ll always show you your balance from when you last looked at it and then 2 seconds later it’ll update to your current balance.


You raised the long press shortcuts in another thread. Cheers, didn’t know this was a thing but it’s useful:

“Spend from” isn’t useful right now but will be once they add the Credit Card :credit_card:


Are you expecting that Chase will use the one numberless card to cover both debit and credit transactions?


This lets you quickly change which account you pay from when using your card, so it certainly is useful! at least for me.

I equally like the flow they have for it with Mastercard secure.

I hadn’t considered that! I was personally expecting a separate card, but that would be cool.

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This would be good, however, isn’t the real card number bin assigned to debit which may cause some unknown hassle somewhere maybe?

IE a car deposit/hotel company needing a credit card but the current card reports back as a debit?

Only guessing here, unless the details visible in the app are what are actually sent to the merchant, in which case could be anything :upside_down_face:

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I doubt they’d be able to do that if you authorise the card as a credit card and then it ends up being a debit card when charged. Switching the internal funding source for a debit card is one thing (not too dissimilar to virtual cards), but switching it to be a credit card I don’t think would be viable.

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This was my initial thought…

… But then I thought that the debit/credit distinction might cause problems downstream. I imagine we’re not quite there yet, especially around the different legal issues around debit/credit.


Oh, what’s the flow? I am using Chase more and more so curious about little bits.

On the credit card point I highly doubt they’d be able to use the same card given the BIN.

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I suppose my question is whether the numberless card can change the BIN to move it between credit and debit, rather than being like Curve and fronting credit over debit.

Don’t some countries have this option?

The card has to be programmed so it can’t change BIN