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I don’t see a problem with that. R-


Honestly, I’d say they’ve got a decent shot of winning them all, on each individual product’s own merit.

They’re certainly a contender for the best current account. There’s only Monzo really competing on that front for me. The rest are quite far behind. Depends what you need though, but both are only missing the niche things they can get away with. Chase edges that with simplicity though. Monzo is too convoluted and cluttered for me, but I love trends too much to commit to Chase.

They’ve been a darn good savings provider over the past year, with a unique twist that gives them a solid edge over the competition.

On iOS, they have the best banking app by far IMO. Android can be hit and miss judging from the experiences of some folks here, but that’s always gonna happen with every bank on some android handset somewhere. It would be impossible to optimise for them all.

How do we judge what we expect of the best bank? I think they tick a lot of important boxes to take that one home.

Well, they’re new. And the competition Bank wise here is Kroo. It’s no contest. I’d be surprised if Chase don’t win that, though I don’t know if it’s open to the wider fintech market.


While I really like Chase, I think they still have a lot of shortcomings. Apart from best savings provider and best newcomer I wouldn’t rate Chase as the best.

Current account is nice, but still no overdraft, there are still issues with their sort code (not being recognised by other entities ex. AmEx). No IBAN support means no way to receive money abroad etc…

Banking app is nice, but it still lacks dark mode support, notifications are coming with ~10-15 sec delay as compared to Monzo/Starling etc

Best British Bank… This is where I ask myself “What is a bank?” Again it lacks so many things I’d expect a bank to have like: loans, credit cards, mortgages, international transfers, overdrafts, international services etc :crossed_fingers: credit cards will come soon

Best newcomer defo they’re great.

That being said in my wallet I usually carry the Chase debit and an AmEx card, so I really like them, but I think they’re the best secondary bank, unfortunately not the main bank.


I just voted for them. I’ve not had a single issue since they went down and I like the little things like interest/cashback/nice UI/account numbers for sub-accounts and future things like upcoming Nutmeg integration.

I was super critical of them in the past (rightfully), but I’m quite happy with them now. That’s not to say they don’t have anything to improve on (I’d quite like virtual cards, open banking, get paid early, dark mode etc).


Who wants to build Open Banking for Chase?


Forget building Open Banking, they need a web developer too. well, the job advertisement board do anyway


M1 architecture?


They are going to be very busy getting it done before the end of March.

New cashback offer seems to be 12 months only. Wasn’t sure if it confirmed this previously.


This’ll just be so they can tweak and change it, replace it with something new, or scrap it altogether.

Given the whole premise, there will be something after those 12 months. You’re just locked into this one for 12 months.


Interesting. You’re right, I don’t think I saw any messaging around it only being for 12 months. It makes sense though.


It’s mentioned in all their communications about it. As prominently as the offer itself, and not just hidden away in some small print.

Here it is in the first paragraph of the first email they sent out announcing it:


They definitely said previously that this offer will lasts for 12 months.

The first 12 months for any new customer is still the previous offer (1% cashback uncapped on all spending) then the 2nd 12 months is the £500 minimum deposit and capped at £15 per month offer.

Legally it would be incredible stupid of a bank to not put an end date on an offer like this (or else you’ll still get people trying to claiming in 40 years) even if they intended to just rolling it on for a further 12 months.


Actually - checking my emails from Chase on this - they sent this on the 16th Feb.

Good news – your new cashback offer is coming soon! With monthly cashback, you’ll be able to be rewarded for your everyday debit card spending for up to 12 more months.
While we get monthly cashback ready, we’re going to keep giving you 1% cashback2 on your everyday debit card spending with your current offer until 00:00 on 1 April 2023

How monthly cashback will work

  • From 1 March 2023, pay in £500 to your Chase current account each month to qualify (excludes internal transfers)

  • Then the next month, you’ll be able to earn 1% cashback – up to £15 – on your everyday debit card spending

  • Qualify each month to earn cashback the next month, for up to 12 months

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Fairs. Just never noticed, too much text inbound isnt good for me

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The third bullet point isn’t a lot of text and has it clearly there. I don’t think it can be missed too easily!


When it’s in an email/page full it is.


I guess I’m not sure how they could have catered to you then


Yeah, their email almost follows our own internal information overload policy. Succinct paragraphs of two sentences or less, with a limit of one compound and a limited vocabulary range. A design approach that’s meant to tailor comms to specifically to be inclusive of those with processing difficulties.

@Carlo1460 if you’re able to pin point specifics that makes this hard for you, and offer some constructive feedback, then forget Chase for a moment, because that would be very valuable information for me too!

Would splitting it across multiple pages or presenting it like a slideshow you have to click through have helped vs a longer page you have to scroll?