Chase Bank UK chat

I always liked Chase’s UI and design overall; it feels like the ideal blend of Starling and Monzo to me.

Hopefully they’ll pad the Save and Invest tab a bit more with time or give an option to hide the articles. That’s my only complaint at the moment re the app.


If/when Chase offer a Joint Account, I’d definitely consider switching over. I like that you can have multiple savings accounts, could easily replicate Monzo’s Pots, plus be earning some (minor!) interest.

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The new design is a lot nicer and generally they seem to be entering a more mature phase… It is definitely one of the nicest banking apps at the moment imo.

It will be interesting to see how much of mainstay they manage to become. Which I guess with the funds they have at their disposal should be an easier task than I gave them credit for previously.

I’m still very uncomfortable with using them due to the levels of fossil fuels etc they fund. I’m still hung up on trying to be greener with my banking unless the bank has a killer feature (IMO) that hooks me in. Much like how I’ve become a FD Stan due to how much I like the customer service I’ve received.

I can’t get Chase as when they first came onto the scene I opened an account but they didn’t have direct debit functions available which annoyed the hell out of me so I waited months and got bored, so closed the account. While later they brought out rewards and stuff but they had changed their policy so if you close your account you’ll NEVER be able to open another account with chase. I do wonder when they bring out credit cards if they will only allow their account users to apply or if they will open it up to everyone :thinking:


Yeah it was a bit scummy they originally said 12 months then changed it to never lol. Sure they can do what they want but they should have never put a number on it.


Weren’t rewards there from the start? I joined day 1 too and the USP for me was very much the cashback at that time.

Also, they put Direct Debits on their roadmap pretty quickly, so a bit of patience would have avoided you experiencing any frustration you may or may not have now.


Their rewards wasn’t as good as they are now. But I recall waiting a real long time for direct debits to be available. But at the time Starling offered way more in account features than Chase did for my banking needs. I get really impatient when basic bank features aren’t available from the get go lol


It’s always been 1% cashback but fair enough.

Just seen this so makes sense :joy:


I think that’s where I’m at with Chase. I fully get it, they don’t have to ever let people back and it is of course their choice.

But to be told, consistently & regularly “when the 12 months are up we would love to welcome you back as a customer” and then be told “nope, and we don’t know when you can, perhaps in Dec/Feb/Mar” is a bit rubbish really.


I don’t think it’s deliberate. I think their tech isn’t ready and/or they don’t yet know how the rewards offering will go long term. It’s just growing pains.

But people left, and as Monzo shows no matter what the terms say there’s never any guarantee of returning anyway. So close at your own risk.


I’m really surprised other banks haven’t started doing this. As much as all the switch rewards are great it will get to a point where banks realise people aren’t actually staying with them and just switching for the cash. I know some banks say they can’t get the switch bonus if they’ve had an account in the last 3 years etc.


That maybe something that the Regulator wouldn’t look too kindly on?
Imagine if someone went to leave one of the big 4 and they got a warning of ‘Are you really sure you want to leave? If you do, you can never come back…’

What banks might need to do is start to actually track who’s had what signing up bonus and then try and make sure each person is only eligible once so if they did leave and then come back, they wouldn’t get whatever reward they were currently offering (this should be fairly easy if banks are reporting to the credit agencies when people have accounts with them?)

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I’m inclined to agree here

Oh for sure - lesson learned :slight_smile:


They haven’t changed since launch.

Unless you’re referring to savings accounts. Even so the rewards aspect of Chase has been fairly consistent.

They were also very clear on launch that they didn’t have DD functionality. You should have known that to avoid disappointment.

I’m all for people returning to banks but from the sounds of it you didn’t really read up on what Chase was or provided at launch.


Yeah the savings. I knew they didn’t have direct debits on start up but was told it would be very soon and one agent said any day now. Months later this finally happened. I’m just impatient. Never understood why banks start up without having basics in place first. I just want a bank that has everything all in once place.

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Really recommend you do not try brand new banks in future… they all have issues.

I searched back up and the DD statement from Chase was “coming soon”. That’s not set in time and definitely wasn’t overtly advertised as days.


Or existing ones, even.


I think at one point they did say they were coming in January (2022) and missed it, and would have been good to have them from the start, but was clear they were coming eventually. Personally any sort of neobank I don’t use as anything more than a petty cash spending card anyway, people braver than me can be the guinea pigs for the important stuff until they mature.


Just going on what my experience was with agents telling me it’s any day now. As stated above they missed their deadline too. So from the start wasn’t consistent with its customers. I won’t be trying new neo banks in future . I’ll be sticking with Monzo.

Remember when chase said the open api was coming in March… they still might make that deadline.