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That’s true and I agree. It was more around the fact that you considered basics such as being able to transfer whenever you wanted and to use your card being a “power user” - If I have a transfer or payment I expect to make it there and then :slight_smile:

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Other than the start of October when it melted down for 2 days with poor comms. Your a fan so I expect you to be more tolerant of issues even if you only use the app twice a month. With a cost of living crisis most people I know (not “power” users) check their bank apps several times per week, hell my mother does and she doesnt actually need to worry about money and even then she boots the RBS up every couple of days.
I think you are a bit out of touch with the statement that only “power” users check their apps more than twice a month.

Your card wouldnt have worked for online payments during the outage when it required 3DS which affects a lot of my day to day purchases and this is before having to front load the chase card with cash which wasnt working well either. Maybe you dont shop much online or avoided it during that major outage though but its hardly a “power” user thing to do.

I know plenty who moved bank after the TSB issue and I know people will have moved money out of chase after that huge blip at the start of last month, a few days after payday as well.

You say we are power users are in the minority with having issues but you too look to kindly on the issues they have and ignore them I feel.

I have 900Mb FTTP with brand new Wifi 6 routers and I find the app sluggish. Other banks have worse apps and slower apps but that doesnt make chase a good app, it makes it a crap app but not a god awful app. If this was 10 years ago it would have been acceptable but it will be directly compared to other banks that have much better apps making it a bit crap.


Most banks still support SMS for 3DS, Chase being one, so it was still possible to spend online in these circumstances when the app was bricked for those few days.

A small number of users seemed to be able to access it without issue though. Hard to say if they were a lucky minority, or if we were just a vocal minority. Wasn’t a great experience either way. So I moved on to RBS, and now to Algbra, which matches the Chase offer (albeit with a fair monthly limit). It’s not without bugs, which is to be expected from a brand new startup as early into the process as them, but nothing has been considerably broken or unusable yet! :crossed_fingers:

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I had problems with the transaction that I went to use which failed and then I saw on Chases status it said:

You might have issues logging in, completing online card payment security checks and navigating the app.

So I wrote it off and went to use it later and by that point things seemed to be melting down further.
I never noticed the option for SMS but the page was having issues, I am surprised they didnt tell people to use SMS if it was working on their status page.

You wrote an essay on something I said is not okay. If you guys who are in the minority have been affected, I’ve always acknowledged that this is bad service and thus understand why Chase U.K. wouldn’t be for you.

It’s also okay that for many others Chase U.K. has been working smoothly for their needs. It seems it’s you who can’t accept this and want to project your experience onto others. I’m not a “fan” for having a positive experience; I’ll take back power user if it offends you so much - wasn’t the intention of prior post; my point remained the majority have have a wholly satisfactory/excellent experience.

Positive Chase experiences are not allowed in this thread and it’s laughable tbh. Always a caveat.


I mean based on what? have you asked them? did they, like you, not use their app and online payments or transfers during the 2 day outage?

We will see how things are going with how fluffy they make their next statement I guess and dodge real metrics.

Positive is fine but when people say negative things you dont need to disregard them by weakly acknowledging it happening while saying no one else gets the problems without citation and that if chase has problems when we use it then may not be the bank for us, we are free to criticise them as much as we want and just because quite a lot in this thread have issues but you dont it doesnt mean we should stay silent.

Its laughable you seem upset that people post negatives and issues they have here, and lately that’s what the majority have validly posted about, it doesnt mean there are not positives like rinsing them for every penny they will give.
If they want to give me money I will take it but they will have a hard job keeping me and possibly others with the poor experience but you are happy with them so enjoy but my experience is as valid as yours.


Patchy but improved.


Yeah November was a lot better to be fair, they just need to boost the app speed a bit and it will go from crap to okay imo.
I did wonder if black friday might cause an issue but black friday became a over a week long and will have helped spread out transactions across all consumer banking.

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Hi guys, anyone managed to close their Chase account but then later either reopen it or get a new account? TIA :upside_down_face:

Mate there’s literally 6 DAYS between when I posted and the negative posts before me. My post wasn’t in response to that stuff nor did I interject any negative posting…

Literally the opposite happened, i posted a high month of cashback and someone else came in with a negative post immediately following.

Are you okay? Now are you going to say “negative posting is fine but when people say positive things…” I want you to say this now

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If I recall you cant reopen for 12 months or someone posted that above.


Did you ignore your posts after?
Did I specify that cashback post or did I accidentality reply to your cashback post in the my last post or the more recent one or did I quote you correctly?

Are you okay mate?

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If you try to close, it warns you they can’t reopen it at the moment

So it’s highly unlikely you can.


In fact I didn’t. I just read them again since I posted and there’s nothing wrong with my posts, except you being offended by them and trying to police me but not police a stream of negativity because that aligns with YOUR experience. Sorry mate, but balance exists and you have none.

Let’s end it here, respectfully.


Better to leave it dormant.

In theory there’s a 12 month rejoin ban (believe me, I know) but even Chase themselves are not sure if this is 12 months or forever.

I’ll let you know next Monday…

EDIT: Confirmed with CS today that there’s no such thing as a 12 month re-join ban (apparently) - all closed accounts will not be able to reopen a new one, ever… (well, maybe some point next year)


In your opinion, but you also have the opinion that the majority of people only use their app once or twice a month even though I contend thats not accurate and no one had any issues. You never actually said if you had issues during that 2 day outage but assume you didnt since you dont use the app much and figure you would honest and not ignore that big outage by saying you never have issues.

Back at you, sorry mate, but balance exists and you have none. ^^

It has been pointed out to you multiple times by multiple people in this thread you react poorly to negative comments and valid criticism about your favourite bank but to be fair people can complain about issues they have had after you post a positive and you may feel that is an attack on you and your favourite bank so it needs to be defended.

Let’s end it now now since I have been able to say my retort to you.

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Policy changed. When you closed your account it was 12 months. In theory they should take you back. Anyone closing their’s now will be indefinitely unable to reopen it (read never) until they change the policy again, if they will.

You’re always welcome to try with a brand new number and email and signing up again as new, rather than getting your closed account reopened. This little trick has been known to work on Monzo, but there’s always the risk they’ll figure it out and yank the account off you later.


I could contest this entire spiel but I just remember you’re the “real metrics” guy from their September annual update, who doesn’t have deductive reasoning nor basic financial literacy skills.

Never mind, have a great day.

Hahaha I knew you wouldnt be able to help yourself replying.
I already told you it was “the end” of the discussion, why didnt you read my post properly.

Enjoy your echo chamber of chase being brilliant and everyone else being wrong, I am sure you will find a better echo chamber on reddit or the chase forums although the chase forums have a lot of unhappy people with the poor interest rate for one.

You sadly dont know what useful metrics are, reading between the lines of reports or outages are. Your ability to deduce is grossly lacking.

Have a nice day and a nice time on my block list since you cant help yourself replying, I wont see your further attempts at baiting. Maybe then you will understand “the end” and “outage” of the ability to see your replies :rofl:


I did try that, once, using a spoof mobile and a different email address but didn’t get past the authentication which I guess picked up my address as being the same.

They did seem very inconsistant on this though since I enquired a few times and was told variations of the 12/never/12 month story.

Who knows, maybe it’ll start working again one day by its own :laughing:

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