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But that’s only up to £5k. After that it’s 0.25%.

I’ll worry about that if, and when, my savings reach £5,000.

Chase is easily beaten for higher deposits. Yorkshire Building Society are paying 2.25% on £10,000 in their easy access Internet Saver Plus Issue 12.


I’ve got two IA accounts beating that with no minimum deposit - Zopa & Tandem.

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Marcus currently 2.25%, 2.5% if you have the bonus (which is now unavailable)

Just to add, doesn’t HSBC have an online saver account that’s 3%? Only for existing customers and the interest does drop if you withdraw.

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Classic Chase:



I admire your perseverance. I haven’t opened my app for months


I have, fairly recently, but only to take all my money out :money_with_wings:


Give them some credit, they’ve managed to be a bank without fundamental problems for at least a month.


I’m surprised no-one else seems to have mentioned this, maybe everyone else is taking the whole ‘please remember this is confidential’ in the email they send seriously…


I had a survey from them last week - looks like they’ve zero’d in to what their final ‘reward’ package for their accounts (both current and savings) is going to be once the initial 12 months is over.

The last survey a few months back was to ask for an opinion on lots of different packages and which one you like etc.
This time - it was just one option given and they were asking if that would change you usage of Chase (use it more or less) if that was the package.
Also, they asked about savings accounts and the interest given on those - so looks like they’re looking at that as well with higher interest rates.

I’m not going to give the details (because of that big ‘THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL’ statement in the email), but I think what they’re coming up with (if they go ahead and don’t get lots of negative feedback) is kinda what’s expected for both the current and savings accounts.


I didn’t get these surveys unfortunately :frowning:


If you signed up for the surveys but have never had one, check your junk mail folder. All of mine were going in there and I kept wondering why there were never any surveys for me to do…

They email the survey to you - they never just ‘appear’ on the Chase community site even though they have a ‘surveys’ section on there.


Hmm and here I was wishing they would join CASS so I could switch them out when a good switching offer comes up. Might have to keep an eye out and see what they have to offer!

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I know I say more or less the same thing every time, but Chase (hello, I know you’re reading) are taking the proverbial. They are asking customers to provide them with valuable insight with nothing in return.

But the fundamental thing here is that I don’t think folk care that much about Chase. It’s been a botched launch, the app is terrible and the offers aren’t good enough to offset all the issues or to entice anyone to stay. That’s why I think there’s not been much buzz on here (or anywhere else).

There you go, Chase folk. I hope that helps.

(P.S. A community building tip: creating a buzz, and causing a positive discussion/feedback loop is good for the brand. Having the subject of conversation as being a) outage after outage, and b) rude "THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL’ messages when people are giving up their time and effort to help out for free is most definitely not).


To be fair, that is what people signed up to the programme for wasn’t it? How is that different from Monzo soliciting feedback on Flex in the Flex thread on this forum?


Here it’s done openly, transparently and with the ability to discuss it.

Chase seem to want to keep everything secret, shut down discussion, and generally take without giving.

I mean each to their own, and folk will do what they want, but the Chase approach just feels entitled to me.


I don’t dispute that, but to me it is just weird to suggest that they offer nothing in return - when people chose to do that! Sometimes after I buy something I will get an email asking me to review it on an online review site. And sometimes I do - for nothing in return. I know there is nothing in return before I start.

Taking your dislike of Chase out the the equation for a moment (and it is a totally valid opinion!), you are saying that you think that doing something when there is nothing in it for you is bad. And in the same message you said that Chase seem entitled!


Their service is shocking.

Their complaint handling is shocking.

Their chat section of the app is shocking - keeps crashing and delaying the typing coming in screen so I have to wait.

They removed 3 of the messages in chat when I said just issue me a final response and I’ll go to the ombudsman. They blamed my network and connection, phone, and storage on messages disappearing from chat which is 99% impossible and never had an issue with any app ever doing such things.


A neobank designed by old–skool bankers, rather than a startup. What did anyone really expect.


I think people complete the Chase surveys because ‘in return’ they expect Chase to take on board what they’re suggestion and make changes.

The ‘final’ version of what they’re suggestion they’ll be offering is actually probably, if I remember rightly from the options, one of the options that I felt would work best. There were other options that had significantly harder requirements to qualify for the benefits (relatively large minimum deposit per month, quite of few Direct Debits needing to be setup for example) and perks targeted at specific sectors (travel insurance etc.).

Hopefully their ‘final’ decision (if it was final - depending on the feedback they’re getting now from this new survey) isn’t a million miles from their current benefits - although those of you who have earned quite a bit each month from cashback might be disappointed.