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Not had a email to opt to into their community yet.

Their selection criteria is odd to say the least. I just filled out the survey and was rejected. I’ve no affiliation to the bank, my only guess is that I put “accounting and insurance” as my industry field but even then why would they be an issue. All other responses were normal, work full time, etc.

I guess they have their target markets. It’s just a customer testing thing so I wouldn’t get too hung up on it!


Well I’m in as well now. The actual email from them got Spam filter’d so if you’re a customer and haven’t been invited, I’d suggest checking in there.

Ah well, I’m sure we aren’t missing much :sweat_smile:

Whatever it is that people who are accepted do see, will be all over here, Twitter, MSE etc etc anyway.

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I wouldn’t count on it.

It seems like this has actually been around for a few months at least now. We only learned about it because they decided to onboard a wider group of users.

Atom’s product roadmap hasn’t leaked, and that’s available on their kitchen, with some pretty exciting stuff in the pipeline for 2022, assuming they deliver. They have a bad rep for never meeting the deadlines they set though.


My guess is, they see you as in the finance industry and they are trying to skew the feedback to ‘non finance experts’.

Although this is utterly pointless because anyone who joins a banking feedback forum is going to be a self appointed expert / someone who spends way too long thinking and talking about banking anyway.

I realise this is already a very niche subject for people to care about, but most people haven’t even heard of Atom.

I hope decent savings rates are among them - they were market-leading at one point in 2021 and are nowhere near now.

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I did the same and had the same outcome as you. Very strange!

I suspect that description will apply to the vast majority of Chase customers at this stage. :joy:


I can’t join the forum - I wonder why given my job area is software… income too high? :joy:

I put my self down as Education sector - I mean as Tech Support, I’m not lying :smiley:

I was able to join

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Definitely not hung up on it. Just a waste of time inviting me to join a community and then reject my willingness without explaining. I’m already a customer, how am I not in their target market for feedback. Just a bit odd to filter a community to an specific, non-explained subset.

This sort of behaviour implies (to me) less a community more a “it’s all about us on our terms and we’ll take but not give”.

For communities to be successful they really have to be a bit more organic and avoid that unequal power dynamic, I think.


A bit of a shame really as I’m both a Chase User and Nutmeg user. There’s so much potential for their offering. A current account that truly rewards coupled with their investing app, would have liked to let them know that directly but hopefully someone else will.


It’s a customer panel. That’s it. Nothing more or less. It’s not meant to be a community in the sense of a discourse-like forum.

They share their internal ideas, provide early access and insights to new stuff. We discuss and provide feedback, guiding future development, and in theory, are rewarded for it some way.

They’re far more focused and engaged than communities like this are, and in some ways, that’s a good thing for both the company and users!

Agreed. But conflict of interest and all that. I’ve had companies invite onto focus groups and customer panels only to then be dismissed for the same reason. Other corporate allegiances, biases etc.

Out of interest thought, what are your thoughts on where you’d like to see Chase go with Nutmeg in the future. One of three surveys touched upon that issue briefly. There was another heavily hinted intent RE cashback rewards that were a pretty big privacy red flag for me. Just surveys for now though, but will be interested to see where they lead,


What was the suggestion?

From memory it was something along the lines of providing companies with my data in exchange for cashback and other rewards.

No thx.

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