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Could easily go back through it and change my selections :sweat_smile: built on a foundation of honesty and I find it difficult to lie :joy:


Sure, corporate espionage does exist! :wink:

They’d be able to find out if you ever to act in bad faith though, you’d be violating the agreement, could also place the bank you work for at risk legally too!

The panels I’ve been apart of over the years, there have definitely been voices from competitors trying to at least sway influence. It’s rare ideas get stolen though, but given how fast some get copied can be alarming!

I’d be more surprised if the Monzo/curve flex naming convention wasn’t a result of corporate espionage than I would be if it was, for example.

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I’m signed up.

Had a brief look around. It’s identical to the sort of community Atom’s Kitchen is. Chase will curate and guide the discourse, they’ll run polls and surveys, and we, as members, just take part.

Community is a little misleading. It’s a customer panel forum through and through. Nothing to see here if you’re not interested in that stuff.


in the application Chase, as I understand it, now you can change the card numbers and does it also work for gambling?

I also can’t apply to be on their forums…Kinda weird to not allow certain people on the forums, no?


There are no forums.


You’ve always been allowed to change card numbers and you also have gambling block in card settings

Very, like we are there to steal ideas yet most likely ahead of the game anyway :joy:

It’s not forums, it’s basically customer feedback and testing. It’s pretty clear why a staff member of another bank wouldn’t be allowed; I don’t know why that’s so controversial?

I’d be shocked if Monzo launched this and allowed Starling employees to participate.


interestingly bet365 accepts cards or rejects, as in the case of monzo

Because its silly to think anything planned or questioned about wont leak to news sites very very quickly. Games have had NDA for beta for years and still everything leaks (especially on twitter) as soon as the NDA beta is out and the same will happen here (if people care enough for it to be worthy news that is)
Its different if you have a very small pool of vetted people/staff/staff families but even then things leak.

Monzo have sent surveys out in the past pretty widespread but I dont know if they deliberately missed people out at other banks.

There might well be leaks; doesn’t mean you can’t mitigate it.

Doesn’t surprise me at all that a bank doesn’t want other bank employees involved. I suspect it’s going to go more than just a few surveys and might involve some NDA’s. I’ve done them for other companies before when testing ideas out.


Are they excluding spouses of bank employees?

I would expect it to be a common legacy attitude of legacy banks yes sadly.

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Other companies do it regularly. I’m more surprised that people don’t know this.

When I did some for an airline last year I couldn’t be employed by an airline (even the one it was for). Years back when I did one for a magazine that was radically changing I wasn’t able to work with any media company or organisation.


Almost every consumer facing company run customer panels of some sort. And yes, companies do try to get their own employees onto panels of competitors.

The risk isn’t someone leaking a working prototype or beta software. It’s a competitor getting a glimpse of something that’s just at the idea phase, when you could still beat them to market on a thing that may never even get developed, and running back to their company to say, let’s do this!

I’m sure a few years ago when Monzo and Starling were neighbours, there was some drama surrounding espionage! The whole thing was a bit humorous, but the risk is by no means unfounded.


I recall my first ever job working for a university summer school, and my first day task was to go to a competing university as a prospective summer school student to see what their experience was like :laughing: Cheeky.


On my induction week, I did exactly the same, go and visit a competitor. I would say that’s fairly common across a lot of industries.

Not sure I’d join their feedback section though!

I am trying to register I am a resident of the UK Chase is rejecting the request, a friend is trying to register he is a citizen of the EU zone also rejected can you tell me what the problem might be?

No one here will know.

This is the customer forums for a rival bank – your best bet is asking Chase directly

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