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This is good, another thing to make them feel more established and legitimate.

Nope this is not possible - “currently”

I was also, like you, told it would be a 12 month limit. I think it’s connected to the cashback because that was also 12 months originally, when I reached it I was told no but “perhaps around march time” I could re-apply then. Even getting them to erase me off the systems (so no marketing etc) didn’t sort that either. I just don’t get marketing about an account they can’t re-open.


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Currently, Chase won’t allow customers who have closed account in the past, to rejoin.

I’d suggest for new and developing fintechs, don’t fully close it, instead leave it dormant with a £1 balance. If your card is frozen, it’s safe.


Seeing as Zopa haven’t increased their interest rate recently, I will move my savings back into Chase now it is at 3%.

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Chase will offer a credit card at some point…

This is on the Chase website under Newsroom…

The info is within the Nutmeg news article, which can be found here: Media centre | Chase UK


Rip chase 3%
Monzo now offer instant access pots at 3%!!!
Much easier having the money in one place.


That’s probably a tad premature! :joy:

Some folks will appreciate the ability to pay direct debits from their Chase saver and find that easier.

The competition is great though, and I’m glad to see Monzo finally competing in this space.

Also if you have both, and prefer to have your savings with a different bank to curb impulses, then the chase/Monzo dual stack is even more attractive now.


I was actually more talking about me rather than the world. There is no point having the bulk of my savings in chase when it adds friction for me.


To be honest if I had that issue then monzo old style pots would have been better than chase as it took a day to get the money out where as chase doesn’t add the hugest amount of friction that would aid with impulse control. People would surely just move into their chase balance and spend using the card?

Edit: in fact if you were to worry about impulse control I would never hold my savings in instant transfer accounts unless you can lock them with a delay. It would do very little to prevent anyone. Old pots would help or banks like ford would help as it takes time to get the money out. It’s not a feature just having it in a different bank to control impulse when it takes minutes to get access to it.

Also I like how the monzo pot will show up in money management apps with open access although chase is working on that.

It does make starlings offering especially crap now.

Starlings offer was especially crap when they announced it. :joy:


For me, if I do need it, I can’t be waiting that day. It’s where my emergency fund lives, and it’s where my spending money goes until I want to spend it, so I’ve always needed two.

The friction of it being with another bank is enough to forget about it until such a time I need it.

That’s Atom’s role.

My spending money just stayed in Monzo for the 1%, or whilst I was spending on Chase, in my chase saver.

It’s the barriers I need, not the delay. I need to not be able to see it at all, and forget it’s there. So it needs to be a different bank. Otherwise before I know it, I’ll own this crazy expensive mixed reality headset I don’t need with money I haven’t budgeted for.

I’m not sure I’ll make the most of Monzo’s saver, I suspect my rainy day money will stay with Atom. But it does strongly incentivise keeping the £2K constantly in the account for the 4% that’ll get me with Plus, which I’ll probably go back to doing.

I still plan to, in April, move my direct debits over to Chase however. Or at least just the energy bill, because spring is a good time to swap to variable direct debit and let the account build up cash for the winter and earn me interest in the process. Instead of it sitting in Bulb’s bank account earning them interest.


I mean you can just hide Monzo pots? I hide my round up one to emtpy it at the turn of the year and see how much it ran to.
I find hiding would be better than an account where each month you will see things going on in the All Activity feed unless you literally never use the account but even then you can hide a monzo pot.

I still dont fully understand people with your impulse issues as I always know where my money is and how I can get access, it being in a never never bank wont make me forget and its so trivial to spend it and so quick its no meaningful barrier but I guess if it works for you.
I just would have thought a hidden pot would have been better since its actually hidden unlike chase where if you use it as an account and not a vault you will see things going on with the savings account and every time you check your roundups or nutmeg.

I know people will serious serious impulse control issues (gambling was a big one for one but thankfully they got themselves blacklisted and use card controls to help) and they do need the delay so chase is worthless for them, they will just spend it as its trivial to see and spend it, they do value a day delay though to prevent them wiping all their money out though.

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Hiding them makes interacting with them too obtuse, to the point I had to find a clever workaround to pay into them without going through the palaver (searching for the pot from my main transaction feed to find the last transfer).

For me it’s just easier and better to send money to the payee I have saved in Monzo for my external savings account.

It’s possibly worth trying though, there’s just never been this thing to really incentivise it before now. But it’s just, why interfere with a system that’s already works well, when it involves fiddling with functionality that’s always frustrated me about Monzo with hidden pots.

Edit: speaking of which! How do you actually find your hidden pots with the new overview? Or does the functionality not exist yet?

I’m going to presume you don’t have anything like ADHD which is probably why! Apologies if that’s not the case though.

It’s just the technique I’ve found works really well for me. It doesn’t for my sibling, but then neither did the delays of Monzo’s third party pots. Everyone’s different.

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The more competition the better I say.
It can only benefit us, the consumers.


So I just had to use chase support to change some limits.

The support was fast enough to respond, I got what I suspect was an autobot reply before a person came on the chat 10 minutes later which is speedy enough but sadly they would not increase my limits.
I asked for the limits to be increased, and I answered but they just responded saying limits can be viewed in xyz place and just ignored my multiple requests to increase it before saying is there anything else they can help with.
I responded saying I guess I will just have to wait till my limit resets and they said that would happen at midnight.
Bit disappointed they wouldnt increase the limit and just ignored my request and told my to wait till midnight but the support was quick at least.

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I would escalate that to get them raised, or a reason why they won’t raise them (for example if it is policy). Just ignoring the question is never OK for customer support.


What limits were you asking to be raised?

Its a bit disappointing given how people raved about the support. I honestly expected it to be a quick job.

Faster Payment limits, I did mention it was to an account I owned.


That’s pretty naff of them.

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The staffer was maybe having a bad day :man_shrugging: