Charging for cashback

Bit cheeky, considering that offering cashback was originally done as a means of saving money on cash handling…


“Unfortunately, we cannot continue to offer this service for free due to the high demand and processing and labor costs,”

It’s possible demand for cash back has risen incrementally as banks’ ATM fees have gone up, but retail industry analysts say there’s no evidence to suggest consumers are abandoning bank machines in favor of supermarket checkout lines

Not fair in my opinion

The system with how ATM’s work in the US is awful with fees for non customers and even more for non US cards.

Just pay card or if you need cash take your buisness elsewhere.

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A family member who worked as a cashier for a grocery chain said, that they always struggled to have enough cash in the register for cashback :man_shrugging:

That’s probably because it isn’t used as commonly anymore.

Quite the contrary. They struggled to meet demand.

It used to be a way for shops to offload cash, but as cards become more common there is less cash to give out.

The impression I got from the forum was most people use credit cards in the US because of points and rewards

Yes, but what does this have to do with cashback?

I remember a few years ago, cashback at the supermarket checkout was very popular.
And although to the best of my knowledge, it is still offered, you very rarely, if ever see anyone requesting cashback at the tills.

Cash is still a lot more popular in the US than the UK.

The poor tend to be underbanked and rely heavily on cash.

Cards are also not as widely accepted as in the UK.

Whilst cash use is higher, more people when using cards use credit rather than debit.

Because cash back is for debit cards so if people don’t use them, how do they struggle to keep up with demand for cash?


Well credit cards are more popular than debit cards, but there is still a demand for cash. And cash is accessed with a debit card.

Cash is actually pretty popular still