Charged extra for using a "credit card" when I used my Monzo debit card

Iwas just charged extra for using a “credit card” on a UK website - even though my Monzo card is clearly a debit card, and credit card penalties are illegal now.

I have screenshots of the different prices and the fact that they charged a supplement for using my Monzo card.

The company is called mytrip.


You’ll need to contact the company and get them to sort it


The company doesn’t have any contact details! – seems to be a “based on your requirement” contact mechanism, but no direct email I can find.

They seem to be registered in Finland, so not sure what protection you have. Is the “being charged extra” only a UK rule I wonder?

It’s an EU rule, I believe.

Phone number is here


Yep, I got this

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You guys are legends! I’m on the phone to them now, update soon…

Spoke to them: they deny any difference in price even though I have the screenshots. They told me to claim it from my bank.

I’m not saying I don’t trust them as a company but :grimacing:


I’d certainly try this first as it’s likely to be fairly quick and painless if it works. If it doesn’t, then definitely persist with the company, then talk to Trading Standards. And don’t spend any more money with them.

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:wave: Please send us the screenshots and a description of the call you’ve had!

We’ll be able to look into it and advise on the next steps :slight_smile:


Thanks @HughWells, I’ve put them all into the chat in the app :raised_hands:t3:


I’m sure I had this when buying flights recently - they offered a discount to debit card payments which wasn’t offered to credit card payments. Is this a valid way around the charges?

Similar to how JustEat cleverly avoided removing the charges by just charging them to everyone regardless of how they pay.

I believe that’s illegal.

Edit to say that this doesn’t apply to business credit cards, only personal ones.


I was pretty annoyed about it but I just realised I used my US credit card on a UK site to buy it.

Perhaps that’s why the ‘discount’ didn’t apply to the payment.

[quote=“TTJJ, post:15, topic:84054”]I just realised I used my US credit card on a UK site to buy it.

As long as it was an EU trader, they can’t charge extra unless it’s a business credit card, or an Amex/Diners Club:

I wonder why I was charged then. It was a MasterCard one.

Why are they allowed to charge extra for Amex though?

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I believe the legislation is that you are allowed to charge the amount it costs you to process the transaction :slight_smile: That will depend on any agreements a merchant has with their acquirer.

Monzo are raising a dispute but they’re asking for email evidence that I contacted the company. I told them there’s no email address but I phoned them. Monzo say that “without this evidence we don’t have a good chance of winning the case.”

It doesn’t make sense because I sent Monzo the screenshots showing that they charged me a supplement for using a “credit card”. Surely that’s more than enough evidence.

Unless you don’t have a credit card, using a credit card is always the best advice on travel sites.