Charge still pending since October 5th

I was charged October 5th for $17.99 I got and email saying it was refunded but it’s already been 10 days the charge still shows pending in my account

Got an email from merchant told me to contact Monzo

Hi :wave:

I’ve moved this into the USA side and perhaps someone who’s more au-fait with how things like this work might be able to give advice. But, it’s really something only Monzo Chat can help with. I don’t know how CPA’s (Continuous Payment Authorities) work over there.

PS - I had never heard of that website, so I googled it. I hope you enjoyed the content :eyes:

Do this. I’m not sure it will help much, but they can clear up the process for you.

Who can clear it up?

Only Monzo. or via the in-app chat. We’re just customers here, sorry

I have emailed them 3 Times in the last week with no response

Actually, it’s this for the US Side. You could always try or via the in-app chat. That’s your route to success here, no one on this forum can help.


Presentments are handled by MasterCard/Visa and can take up to 30 days. If not resolved by then just get in touch via chat and they can take a further look.

Merchants don’t fully understand how long a presentment can take to be handled properly.


Hey Jamie👋

Reach out to the team within the app. We have a help tab where you can chat with us!

We’ll be able to help from there.