Changing the default split percentages in a Shared Tab

Hi Team,

Not sure if that has been suggested before (I couldn’t see it in a quick search).

My partner and I use a shared tab to manage sundry purchases each month. As our salaries are not equal, we adjust the split manually to match our salary ratio, which can get quite fiddly to calculate.

Would it be possible to add a feature where we can set the default percentage for each participant in the settings of a shared group?

or when adding an entry to the pot, to have a slider that allows it to set a percentage split (probably only workable with two people in the pot).

Thanks for all your great work thus far.

A different angle of approach to potentially solve your issue and make your life easier with less admin work… Instead of trying to split everything exactly, why don’t you just both slightly overpay each month into a sundries pot?

For example, if your sundries average at £100 and you generally split it 60/40 just setup a standing order to put that amount in each month. If you have any money spare this can go towards next month (in case your salaries are less) or you can amass some joint savings :slight_smile: Therefore you’ll always have a safety buffer.

Its a nice idea @Ordog, but our sundries budget can fluctuate from month to month.

We each have separate monzo accounts and often need to buy things when the other isn’t there. The existing shared tabs feature has been great for managing this so we can settle with the other at the end of each month. The only issue we have is changing from the default 50:50 split to our agreed ratio. so having an option to change the default split would be a really nice thing to have.

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Ahhh sorry I misread. I thought you had a joint account! My bad.