Changing Monzo Plus Extras

Is it possible to change what extras you have selected later? I didn’t add any now but can I add them at a later date or am I stuck with this for 12 months?

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Not yet but it should be possible at some point in the future.

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As above we should be getting the option to add things on soon according to press releases.

I’d quite like the travel insurance before September as I have multiple trips abroad on the months following. Fingers crossed for it soon.

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Hi, do we know when this will be? Thanks

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I’m hoping for it to be very :soon: as I need to add the content insurance on :grin:


Since my message back on the 5th of July, I’d have hoped for some progress by now.

Instead I’m getting quite disheartened with the lack of progress as ultimately unless something changes in the next two weeks, I will have to take out separate travel insurance…

:soon::soon::soon: everything with Monzo is :soon::soon::soon:

On a side note, I too will be forced to take separate travel insurance if it doesn’t come… :soon:

Next year? :wink: :rofl:

I bloody hope not :scream:

Any update on adding or changing extras? Also, do you know when the extras that are planned for 2019 will be rolled out?

What to go Plus but do not want to be locked where I cannot add extras as and when they are rolled out.



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I’m waiting for an update as well - New Plustomers can choose content insurance as an option during signup but not existing ones, however on their site it still shows content insurance as “coming in 2019”.

I’m just hoping its within this month :sob: