Changing from One Registered Company to another

Hi - We have a sister company which we are closing (for contractual reasons involving what we are allowed to do) and absorbing under our main company name - do we need to close our Monzo account which we bank with and re-open under that name?
We already bank with Barclays so we would have two bank accounts under the same registered name on companies house but with two different aims/revenue streams.
Currently Monzo is tied to the company we are dissolving.

you really would be better posing this question directly in app to get the definitive answer , as this is a public forum with interested customers , rather than a monzo staff monitored service


Thanks - Couldn’t see anything on the app

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Bottom right of app, tap the ? icon. Type ‘contacting support’ in the search bar, and the first result if you tap on it should contain a link to opening a chat with Monzo support.


Many thanks