Changes to charges *disincentivise* using Monzo as a main bank for freelancers

They don’t necessarily need to when the requirements they have currently have little impact on the majority of their customers. That being said they have admitted that they can’t account for everyone and if you feel them to be unjust you can contact them and they’ll make exceptions. It’s far better to have a human evaluate circumstances rather that a computer in my opinion.

So you (or anyone else) are advised to just reach out and they’ll work with you on it.

There was someone who lived out of their savings pot for example. So as soon as they showed Monzo that they withdrew money from this instead of having it come from an external source an exception was made.

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I suspect that Monzo are fine with this. They want customers who pay in £500 or more pre month and have a direct debit (and tend not to use cash or lose their cards), I don’t think they are bothered if customers who don’t fit this profile leave for another bank or not.


I think maybe we are just putting a little too much stead into the idea these fees were introduced to ‘incentivise people to use it as their main bank account’. That’s just the window dressing really; clearly introducing new fees isn’t going to do that.

They were introduced to help stem some Monzo losses, but then done in a way where they hoped most people using Monzo as a main bank account wouldn’t be affected.


I don’t see the problem in ditching Monzo if it’s the worst possible choice on the market.

Why bother continuing to go round the houses fulfilling ‘disincentives’ if other banks don’t make you?

If Monzo still has a USP you can’t live without, then crack on with Monzo and live with the pain. If not, I know of one other app-based bank, with a teal card, which won’t make you do those things.


breville_monkey - I think that’s right. I guess I shouldn’t take the explanation at face value, when it’s not delivering that.