Change targets calculation from 1 year to 6 months

Hello! I’ve had Monzo since 2016 but I’ve only switched to using it as my current account 6 months ago. Because I used the switching service, my previous current account is closed so all my past transactions have disappeared. This means that the calculations for target are so low as it thinks I didn’t spend any money in the first half of the year due to averaging. Help! Is there another way to get this to work for me?

Monzos budgeting tools can only work with the information it has. If all your transactions were with a different bank then Monzo has no view/knowledge of them, so it can’t account for them.

This is incorrect and not relevant. Previously it was fine because my other bank was linked with Monzo. When you use the switching service it deletes the account and therefore the account history and transactions.
Therefore I’m asking if they could consider being able to tailor it based on a lesser amount of months as the graph for the year makes no sense as it’s 6 months of nothing, then 6 months of typical spending.

Perhaps you could have stated that this is a connected account, a key detail you left out of your initial comment.

You were also asking if there is a “way to make this work” - which there isn’t.

As per your last comment, if you’re now wanting to suggest Monzo keep a history of this for a minimum of 6 months, I’ll move this topic to the ‘feedback and ideas’ section of the community so others who think it may be useful can vote on it.

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The graph when you set your target will skew the average like you said, but that only informs the next bit, where you can ignore it and pick your own target anyway?

Once you’ve done the set up, the history part is long gone.

By the time Monzo got anywhere near this (if they ever do) you’d have a year of data anyway.

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Apologies for missing that out. As I’ve always had connected accounts I had forgotten it was not the norm.

Thank you for informing me that it’s not possible - it does seem that if it’s not possible it would be better placed in feedback and ideas.

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