CBS ATM Doesn't Accept Monzo

Been with Monzo for just under a year now and never had a problem.
Went to town today and tried to withdraw some money from CBS ( Coventry Building Society ) and it rejected the card and said that it’s not accepted.

Went to another ATM ( nationwide ) and it worked fine.

Just a heads up to the Monzo team incase anybody else gets this error in future!


Email the details to

Did it have the MasterCard logo on it?

No idea sorry

That’s a very good point.

Coventry BS website

Take money out at a cash machine showing the Visa, LINK or PLUS symbols.
You can get cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t charge you to get money out of a Coventry cash machine, but other organisations may charge you to use their machines.

So doesn’t look like Mastercard would be accepted…


You need to make sure the atm is on the MasterCard atm list -

Coventry use Visa so their atms May well not be on the MasterCard network


I’ve found that most area building society ATMs only support LINK - Cumberland Building Society is the same.

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