Categorising Pot Transfers

I have created a pot to pay off my credit card and I keep transferring money into that pot, but I can’t categoriese these transfers into the pot. Why not? I would still like to be able to be able to see how much of my shopping/grocery budget I have left!

The difficulty is that you haven’t spent this money, it’s still in your account.

I see what you mean, but I’d like to choose to deduct money from my budgets when I take money out of my main account.

You’ll catagorise at the point of paying your credit card.

The way Monzo works, is the money in your pots is still technically in your main account, just ring fenced.

An alternative would be to set up a direct debit for a set amount every month, to your credit card.

Or I’m sure a cleverer person than I will come along and explain how to reduce your total ‘left to spend’ to account for the pot saving.

But the whole credit card bill is not for the same budget. Some is shopping, some is groceries etc…

You can’t split a transaction over two categories.

You can vote for it in the below topic, but I believe it is rumoured to be coming as part of Plus. This is Monzos premium bank account with a monthly fee :slight_smile:

Thank you! I see you can’t do it at the moment but I definitely think it should be a thing!