Categories: Lunch, Coffee, Travel, Salary, Housing, Internal transfers

Hi, I propose to add the above mentioned expense categories:

Lunch: well, it is still eating out, but for most people it is not a choice, but an unavoidable expense, so it is not really like eating out
Coffee: similar to lunch. It is eating out but it is a more regular expense over time, so it make sense to have it separated.
Travel: while transport is mainly for city, day-to-day travel expenses, travel would be for flights & co. And travel is not always for holidays…
Salary: well, nothing to explain
Housing: just the rent
Internal transfers: most people have more than one bank account (for now…), so it would make sense to have a dedicated category for the money moved in or out by ourselves

What do you think?


This has been mentioned loads of times before, take a look in any of these threads
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