CASS Report 2017-18

(Simon B) #41

A little bit more info from @simon :grinning:

(Toby Toller) #42

As much as I hate Trustpilot - I’ve just created an account so that I could leave mine :slight_smile:

(Jack) #43

I wonder why their next quarter will be better? Maybe joint accounts CASS? Or Martin Lewis pushing them as a travel card?

I’d love to know how many customers they have


I think it’s because it’s only a partial quarter of data for Starling - and they are (presumably) on an upward trajectory, too…

It’d be nice to see Starling’s user numbers. But even if they don’t publish them, we might be able to have some fun extrapolating what they might be by comparing their CASS figures to Monzo’s (this will never be exact, but we can have a play, though!)


I switched 2 of my old accounts to monzo from nationwide, wonder if that’s 1 point or 2 ?


I think that would be counted twice on these figures. I was also wondering if these were for full or partial switches - full only?

(Jack) #47

@simonb ? :thinking:


How does Monzo know it’s fraud? If an account is closed, do people lose all their money in there?

(Only available in amateur ) #49

They (like all U.K. banks) have teams and algorithms and magic to detect it, the details are not made public.

As far as I’m aware funds are returned to where they came from so if it’s legitimate they can obtain it from the sender again, if not then they obviously can’t


Okay, makes sense. Thanks!