(Mark) #229

Yeah or what about free coffee. Everyone uses the same chain or a few chains.

(Tim Banting) #230

I would like to see a signing with Yoyo- they have signed up Cafe Nero.

(Ashley) #231

Instead of thinking of this as ‘cashback’, why not think of it as a reward…? I.e If you shop with a certainly merchant - the reward comes from them (like Tail does with EAT), or a reward from Monzo in how you use your account - so an incentive to use your account in the way Monzo intended?

(James Waddington) #232

Could this be possible integrated with cashback companies such as quidco?

(Zach Hart) #233

This would be wonderful! Great idea.

(Rob) #234

Nandos discount!


Eww Quidco! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I prefer Topcashback, stuff tends to clear much quicker.

Quidco have only just processed something I bought in November, which on TCB would process within 6 weeks…

(James Waddington) #236

Yeah exactly, companies like this. Then they just have to integrate as opposed to offer the cashback service themselves

(Eve) #237

+1 for Topcashback, it clears so quick. Their site is easier to navigate and doesn’t spam me as often as Quidco does.

(Harry Morton) #238

Sounds amazing! I hope you guys can work it out.

(Mark) #239

Still think rewards for a free coffee from a particular merchant would be awesome. I’d prefer something like that to a few quid interest.


London is the capitol of the world. Everywhere else is mearley a province!


(Leon) #241



Has Monzo progressed this at all ?

(Matt C) #243

Would love this feature!

(Nathan) #244

Heard from a friend that revolut do a cashback discount feature?

(Valeri) #245

Hmm… I should probably switch cashback providers then, I’ve been only using Quidco for years, and albeit slow, I have been somewhat happy with them…


I still have a Quidco account, sometimes one has a better rate than the other. Gambling site cashback can be good, sometimes over £20 cashback for a £10 deposit (some of them you have to avoid the sign-up bonuses to get the cashback though).

(Nathan) #247

This is revoluts form of cashback… any revolut users can give any feedback on it?


This looks like a clever idea. I’m not sure what their commercial agreement is but I assume offers are near loss making or only provide a tiny revenue margin. Might aswell gamify the experience and drive users to spend more on their cards - over simply giving its user base free access to every offer.