Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

Revolut had £15 back on a £60 online Morrisons shop which is pretty good.

Shame as a single man with no freezer I couldn’t justify £60, even £45, on a weekly shop :joy:

Just reported missing cashback at Asda, Just Eat worked straight away though!

I’m still on instant cashback so can’t be that.

Just curious, from you guys who take advantage of all these offers and chase for cash back spending etc, what would you say you get back and what do you spend each month?

For me, varies wildly. Most months it’s a couple of quid, but last month I had 8% on LNER when I was booking a £200 train ticket so that worked out much better.

I don’t really spend much in general though.

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Just got paid my missing Asda cashback. :+1:t2:

I reported missing cashback on Krispy Kreme. Very straight forward and only took a couple of days.

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Very quick for me, around 12 hours from reporting it 8pm last night.

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Yet I am still awaiting a response to cashback claims from the 8th and 15th May… :man_shrugging:t4:


I think the :eyes:’s have worked their magic!! the two missing cashback payments have arrived…

Although the process of reporting missing cashback was smooth enough, the follow up could have been much better. I had no indication that I had reported the individual transactions, no acknowledgement from Monzo and the timeline for resolution was not well communicated. It would be nice to know why cashback didn’t work as well …

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I got a 3% cashback at Aldi offer, went and done a £60+ shop in Google pay speed across to use the Monzo card and somehow the payment still came off the default Halifax cashback credit card that gives 1% in supermarket spend. Dang. No idea why it used the default when another card was showing how odd.

3% at Boots so I got a massive 41p :joy:

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I checked the cashback section as I was walking into a motorway servicr station yesterday, on the off chance there was something new and applicable there… and I was pleasantly surprised that Burger King showed up!

So i activated it, then got my meal.
No cashback, as it turns out the charge came from Applegreen (the service station’s owner) rather than BK. I reported it via “missing cashback” but I just got an automated response (like a screen on the app) that says this merchant is not eligible for cashback.

Do you guys think there’s any chance it will be upheld if I try to argue it with chat support?

£1.30 cashback from Aldi, paid for my hazelnut doughnut and empire biscuit from Lidl on the way back home from Aldi :joy:


No chance.


At least you’ve got an excuse to go get another Burger King now :hamburger:


Damn, I didn’t check the exclusions! :man_facepalming:
Thanks for pointing it out.

I think this is the only reasonable next step :innocent:

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I spent loads of money at Decathlon over the weekend, not realising that the “5% cashback online” offer wouldn’t apply in-store. Fuming. It’s my own fault for not reading the offer properly, but it’s really annoying that these offers are so specific. I keep missing opportunities for cashback!

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There seems to be a bit of a double cashback situation with IHG if you spend at holiday inn.

There’s two cashback offers:

If you apply both and spend at Holiday Inn via the IHG website you get 20% back as they both seem to apply at once.

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But you have the choice though?

Enable both to get 20% or just enable 1 to get 10%.

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This could be due to the double aggregator. One offer could be from one, and the other from the other.

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