Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

How deep do they (or should they) go with all this “personalisation”? People were already really uneasy at the amount of data that was being shared with third parties initially.

Sure, you may not want to travel. But those who have a car may be more open to it. So should they dig into and share all of your direct debits to see if you pay road tax to work that out?

For your spending on Monzo. Sure. What if you’re not full Monzo? Should all your connected accounts data be shared with them too, so they can work this out more accurately?

Maybe make you connect your Google or Apple account as well so that they can see where you travel to, see your calendar of planned days out or weekends away?

To make this truly personalised and tailored to every individual user, they would need a heck of a lot of your data and for all of that to be shared with a lot of other businesses.

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Shouldn’t claim it’s personalised if it’s not.

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We’re not all getting the same offers so there is personalisation there somewhere, even if you don’t like it.


The bulk was the same, but % may have differed for whatever reasons.

Maybe if it changes down the line I’ll opt in again, but for now not worth my time.

Personalised is just marketing speak for targeted.

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Yeah, I think some are expecting ‘personalised’ to mean fully bespoke.

It’ll probably just be a blanket list of offers everybody gets with some tweaks. Some people earlier had the same vendor but different cashback rates or had one extra vendor compared to somebody else.


Just refreshed the same old ones which I’ll probably never use.
The Disney+ one would be good if it wasn’t for the fact that it wasn’t there the week of my renewal, but it was the week before and weeks after :laughing:
I think the supermarket booster made me expect too much from this, it’s not often got anything I can use, but hey, it’s free and once in a blue-moon I get some cash back :hugs:


To be fair, we will all be in buckets of people. The offers aren’t going to be personalised down to individual person level.


Shit cashback again :yawning_face:

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I got Leon offer too but have never stepped foot it in. Might just be a coincidence :slight_smile:

The fuel one for Sainsbury’s was quite a surprise. I didn’t think fuel would appear as cashback.

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Argos will certainly be getting used too.

It’s good to see. But to get the maximum amount of cashback you’d need to fill up 680 litres of petrol. I’ll go get my lorry and I might still be able to fuel up a couple of other cars around.


I’ll bring my car, it’s got a small tank, so I’ll bring my friend’s car too - that’s very kind of you though! :pray: