Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

Enjoy your trip

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Did Bolt. When the cab was booking it took funds and gave cashback. But then we opted to offer a bit more to increase the chance of a pickup. The ultimate fare was a bit more, but the original fare was refunded and cashback reclaimed.

I suspect this might be a common issue for the Uber’s and Bolt’s of this world, particularly with a single use cashback offer.

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Supportive of the comments about the same old brands - some have been consistent since Nov 23.

Given that most of use Monzo to save money / manage /better visibility then more frequent use of generic stores for the stuff that really matters would be more beneficial to all.

The current offers seem biased to folks living the city-ish life and do not support rural living. My nearest Pret is over 60 miles away. Uber/Gett/Deliveroo aren’t supported where I live.
I long for the days of Spar/Morrisons please.


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Both of those have been available a few times in the past.

I benefitted from Spar once. Never had it since. Morrisons - twice.

I’ve always loved the usability of Monzo -
It’s the frustration that cashback offers aren’t usable for me since the first offering.

In looking at the thread - other banks are leading the charge on this.

I’ve recommended Monzo to loads of friends, provided testimonial statement for the marketing team.

Overall - I’m a huge Monzo fan - just wishing for cashback offers I can use

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It has only been live a few months. Give it time and see how it evolves, you never know!

Although it sounds like you have been using the offers, so it’s not all bad.


I think the thing that frustrates me about the cash back offers is that 80% of them are fairly consistently the same. I understand Monzo and the company are probably trying to get me to go and use that service but after 4/5 times of that offer being valid and me not using it, you’d think they’d maybe switch it up.

For example:

LNER, Ebay, Gett, Guosto, Virgin Trains Ticketing, Yo Sushi. Have been repeated for me pretty consistently

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An option to decline an offer and provide a reasoning would be good/ask not to receive that provider again.


Another refresh, another waste of effort.


Some better ones this time round (that I may use) :eyes:

  • Cineworld
  • Pizza Express
  • Honest Burger!
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Mine are at least somewhat changing. I used the LNER one this month too which bagged me £11 cashback:

I admit I love Honest Burger so I’ll probably use this one.


We went there as a company last month, fortunately I got the cashback then through AirTime rewards. :eyes:


In which case I get both!


Agreed, and has been for quite sometime.

My Disney + is back this month, after being there since launch and then disappearing for one month which just happened to be the month my subscription was due.


No idea if it’s just a super unfortunate coincidence or intentional but it’s an incredibly annoying customer experience. I’d almost rather these offers are never an option than to be teased with them popping up at multiple dates when I can’t use them, for a thing that the customer has no choice over when they buy.

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