Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

But… It’s an investment pot? So you are investing your money.


Like I said it’s just a personal opinion I wouldn’t call myself an investor for putting money into a pot.

Are you an investor if you put money into a Vanguard account and just buy the global all cap?

Would you call yourself a saver if you put money into a savings pot?

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I just don’t think people can go around saying they are an investor because they took 10s to put money into a pot to let someone else do the investing. The investor is Monzo

No :joy:

No - the customer is the investor because it is their money that’s being invested.

What about Vanguard, Hargreaves Lansdown and the other investment platforms - do you not believe that their customers are investors?


So what about…

Listen, this was just my personal opinion. If you don’t like it then don’t. I just feel in my own opinion that if you want to say you are an investor then you need to actually do the investing and not do a managed portfolio.

For me it’s not about whether you’re technically an investor or not but rather it feels disingenuous to say “this is my day as an investor”.

It implies an active lifestyle, something you consciously and actively engage in, make decisions about or God forbid do as a job.

Not “my banking app chucks 2p into an ISA when I buy my morning soy latte and avocado toast”.

I won’t say “this was my day as a plumber” just because I replace the aerator on the kitchen tap. Can I go and do a TikTok about my day as an electrician because I closed some electrical circuits when I turned on the lights this morning?


This is 100% true and the video was trash but you are still technically an investor if you only invest money into funds like they have on Monzo etc.

That was my point anyway.

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Okay, I’ll agree to disagree then as technically you are investing but it’s not how I would class it :slight_smile:

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Isn’t that the entire point of the ad though? I.e. It’s super easy to be an investor. The barriers to entry that you think are there literally aren’t. You drop in the money, we manage it for you, and you can still make tea, or run the length of Africa or something…


But that’s where I don’t think it works. If they said

this is how I invest with Monzo

then tapped their card at Costa and explained that spare change goes to an investment pot, I would have 0 issues with the ad.

The word investor, while technically correct, implies a level of involvement beyond just buying a flat white or paying for the tube.

It’s disingenuous. It’s like me getting all my cash in Vietnamese dong and calling myself a billionaire. Technically the truth, but the implications behind the word make it feel wrong.


I’ve invested for years in everything from managed funds to individual shares. I’ve also chucked £1K in Monzo’s “adventurous” fund for fun.

Saying that some of those are not investing destroys the work that has gone into making investing less of an elite activity and something that everyone can do, even with a small amount of money.


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Apologies for continuing the off-topicness :slightly_smiling_face:

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