Cardeo Shutting Down

Not sure how many have heard of Cardeo or used it even but I had an email saying it was shutting down to the lack of continued investment.

I think the idea behind it was interesting. You paid them and agreed the percentages and they paid all your credit cards.

I helped with the testing of this app and the concept was great and would have done well if it worked how they said it would, however in reality the app was rubbish and clearly needed a lot of work. They couldn’t even get my cards in sync and had numerous issues so never trusted them with making payments.

Shame really as the management team behind it seemed great but guess with no investment it couldn’t get anywhere.

I really liked the idea , I just never was in a position where I had more than one credit card on the go at once, so I could never really make use of it.

I’m sure someone else will pick up the idea