Card not accepted for Three Top Up


“Payment error. Your top-up cannot be completed with this card. There are limits to the amount you can top-up to protect you from fraud. Please try topping up with a different card or by voucher”

(Dave Berry) #2

Worked fine for me the other day topping up online using their web top up…

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hmmm, that’s weird. A few people used to have problems but that seems to have been fixed – according to our tests here. Can you try again?

(Finn) #4

I seem to get this a lot when trying to topup with three.

The message above or otherwise one that says something like … “We can only topup your account with a UK bank”.

Occasionally it works, sometimes just repeating the whole thing 3 times over and the third one works.

Any idea what could be causing this? Does anyone else get this problem?


Any idea what could be causing this?

The fact that the top-up code was outsourced to the lowest bidder somewhere in a third-world country?

As far as sorting this out, I don’t know - you have to get ahold of someone at Three that actually knows what they’re doing and has the authority to get this fixed. Maybe try the complaints department?


I use my card to top up with three all the time. The first time it didn’t work for me because my address was different Changed it and the transaction went through smoothly.

(Finn) #7

Haha … sounds like you might be a dev?
I’ve heard this exact rant before, and rightfully so… not the way to make good software