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Hi. Can anyone help if someone else has got my app on there phone and they’re looking at my activities

Hi Zara & welcome :wave:

You can have the app running on an iOS and an Android device at the same time, using the same login credentials. But even if someone else is on a different platform to you, they will need access to your email account, your card PIN and also (possibly) your biometric information to login to the app using your credentials, which is highly doubtful.

What phone do you use and what makes you suspect someone is looking at your Monzo app activities?

You can revoke access to devices from the ‘privacy and security’ section in the app settings.

Find the device you believe someone is using to spy on you, and select ‘log out’

Then reset your password to your email account and every place that uses the same password. Because if what you’re saying is true then everything has been compromised.