Card Holders vs Purse/Wallet

(Elliot ) #82

this one, by separating the cards i can pay by contactless and not have to remove the cards.


Yeah that looks pretty good!

Google’s one looks like this:

(Dan Baker) #84

I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong, but in my experience Stocard on iOS never really scans at the tills. Some places, like Waitrose can type in the number and it works but that’s it. Not quite the ‘wallet replacement’ I’m looking for


My Moneyband arrived :sunglasses:

(Will Sherwood-King) #86

Looks awesome! Glad you’re liking the Secrid wallet. Still loving mine

(Ravi) #87

Just put down £19 on the new Trove. Get in quick if you’re interested!

(David Walton) #88

I’ve used US-based Crabby Gear holders for the last few years, a V1 elastic managed 2 years of daily use before the stitching went and my current leather L3 Jericho version has endured over a year of heavy daily use under it’s… ahem… belt and is showing no signs of damage. Highly recommended, although I’d be tempted to go darker next time;

In it, there are 10 full-sized cards, 4 quarter-sized loyalty cards, a couple of business cards and my door key. I use the elastic band to hold folded cash (notes) under.


None of the £19 left but pledged £23, I like the look of it so hopefully it will look better when in my hand.


So I received my Trove today…

It’s quite nice. Anyone got theirs?