Card Holders vs Purse/Wallet

(Ravi) #62

No one else got a Minimalist?

(MikeF) #63

From a previous thread on this topic, this is my post describing the wallet I now use.

(Jack) #64

Just ordered this after the recommendations on here. Should arrive in the next few days. (Colour Cocoa).


I had considered getting a wallet from Ridge Wallet

Not sure if I get 1 from Ridge or 1 that’s mentioned on here.

(MikeF) #66

The Ridge ones look good but the prices are a bit eye watering!


I’m tempted to try 3D printing a ridge style, securid style and an ‘S’ clip to see if I get on with any of them.

If I hate them all I’ll probably just get a bellroy.


Yes it’s the price that’s putting me off. I’ll keep an eye on here for other suggestions.


Excellent choice! I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s briliant!

(Jack) #70


So, printed an S shape clip. Seems okay, quite slim doesn’t grip the cards to tightly but they could be a bit too loose. ABS/PETG might have been a better choice but I already had this colour PLA loaded on the printer.

(Lebert) #72

That’s pretty cool @Ganey


Thanks, I found it on and it took around 3 hours to print.

Might have to sketch up some Hot Chip stuff as the colour isn’t too far off from the cards :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tom ) #74

Yes I have a Ridge - but got one of the polycarbonate ones at a 20% discount. They are dear - and to be honest, I prefer the look of yours.


Ah I keep coming back to this thread to look at all the pretty pictures! The SECRID miniwallet looks incredible. But that price!

(Harry) #76

I love my SECRID, had it for 6 months now and wouldn’t go back.


Can’t decide which 1 to go for and when I do go for 1 which cards do I not carry with me as I can bet I’ll leave say for example my Game gift card at home and I see something in Game I fancy buying.


I add most of my gift cards / reward / loyalty cards into Google Pay, not sure if iOS has an equivalent app available?


I’m on Android so it’s something I’ll look into.


I Use this on iOs, it has an Android app too. Is this the type of thing you were talking about?

(Elliot ) #81

I’ve got a bellroy with 4 card slots and a note section. Monzo one side, curve the other with my ID and old satander account so I can deposit cash at the post office and transfer to my monzo.