Card Edge Colours

I have a current, joint and business, but which is which? :wink:

It would be cool if you had different edge colours for the different types of accounts.

Have you seen the Plus cards?

They have a core (edge) colour :slight_smile:

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If I felt that the other benefits would be useful to me I’d totally go for a Plus account, but as it is there’s no value in it for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never said sign up to Plus. I was just asking if you’d seen that they are already doing this to some extent.

All plus cards have coral cores, so they all look the same from the edge.

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I know, I have one :see_no_evil:

I was just saying that they’ve thought about the edges before :slight_smile: I believe the reason they’re coral cored is because the front is a different colour and they want to stick with their coral roots.

I think the Plus cores are a bit of a red herring here! @thejohnnyluu is interested in having different core/edge colours as that would help them to see the difference between cards.

If anyone’s interested in that, hit vote up top!