Card declined online and in stores, but works using my google wallet?

I stopped using my monzo card nearly a year ago. My contactless payments NEVER worked. The app notified me to use chip and pin when failed, but even this failed most of the time.

I have since been sent a new card. And the issue is still there. However, the contactless version on my google wallet works fine (so far.)

I want to use the monzo card as my primary spending account to help me be more aware of my outgoings. But even when i tried to use it online for a one off payment on the playstation store, the app delivered me a £0.00 payment for “approval” and it went nowhere. Never approved, never deducted.

Whats wrong with my card?!

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There’s a limit for contactless, in the app tap into your account > manage > scroll down to Limits

“Contactless until pin entry” and it will say how much you have left of £200

I think you have to use the card with the pin before contactless will work too, which might be part of your issue.

Hi @Braadlee & welcome :wave:

This proves there’s nothing wrong with your account. It also proves the card hasn’t been (accidentally) frozen in the Monzo app. If the card has been frozen, you can’t use Google wallet version of the card to pay for anything.

Did you get chance to approve it in the app? If you miss the immediate pop-up, then there’s usually an entry placed in the transaction feed which you can tap on to approve a transaction - but approvals disappear quickly for obvious reasons. It’s also a little strange that you were charged “£0.00” - usually an ‘Active card check’ is done first (and Active card checks are also shown in the transaction feed)

It sounds like it needs to be activated to work with contactless, by using it to pay for something using Chip & Pin first. Once Chip & Pin has worked, you can use it for contactless payments up to the limits shown in your account details.
Also, check your custom contactless amounts in-app haven’t been set to £0 (or lower than the amounts you’ve been trying to use the card contactless to pay for) -'Account → Manage → scroll down & tap on ‘Customise contactless limits’ → adjust as required

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