Card declined indian ocean country

Im on an island in indian ocean but keep having the issue of having my card declined. Its a business card and is embarrassing.

What could be the reasin, monzo state you can use it in any country in the world

What reason does it give you in your feed?

If there’s nothing there it’s declining before it gets to Monzo.

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Do your other cards work? If you’re in Sri Lanka, are you sure the power is on? :sweat_smile:


Do you need to enable magstripe?


Already have it. It worked fine in the UK and if they enter the card manually it works

If it works when they key it, it’s not a Monzo issue overall.

Do you have contactless turned off? Hit your limit?

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Quite possibly a faulty card?

@Andyorpin, did it work in the UK?


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Is it because the mag stripe is turned off ? Try turning on mag stripe and trying again

Good advice.

Also previously mentioned up there :point_up:


I haven’t changed any thing since leaving the UK.

Limit? I have money in the account, what limit do you mean.

Thanks for your help in advance

How do you enable magstripe? It worked fine in the uk

Open your Monzo app.

Touch the ‘Manage’ tab to switch from Feed.

Scroll down to the ‘Magstripe ATMs’ option and turn on.