Card declined at Next (online)

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I’d never thought of an oAuth flow - that’s a neat idea actually.


That would be the proper way to do it - not only is there nothing to phish (assuming the user is careful to check the URL bar before authenticating to their bank), but also the website doesn’t have to be trusted, as the bank’s page will display exactly which amount they are attempting to take.

It would be awesome if Monzo did something like that for businesses to take payments from :monzo: cards.

(Jack) #21

The less password’s to remember the better, I prefer using touch ID as authentication opening the app and authorising the transaction.


I just checked and I got it wrong.

We’re working on it and looking to prioritise, without delving deeper I have no further details.

I got woken by a rude delivery man so I’m going back to bed.

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It’s these kind of basic needs that are stopping people migrating over though. Making Direct Debits a pretty colour is seen as more important than these things it seems.

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+1 for Next declining the card. Tried a few times today then had to resort to my Santander card.

(Kieran McHugh) #26

We have enough engineers to do both, and adding more engineers to a project won’t necessarily make it go any faster :slight_smile: We’re often waiting on third parties.

(Mark Woosey) #27

Possibly worth circulating this to COps. I had this issue over the weekend, and queried support rather than this forum. The person I was speaking with didn’t suggest that it was 3ds that was the issue.


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(Drew sanders) #29

So current account card @ Next online declined. I’ve spoken to Next & they stated this morning that the Monzo card is an overseas card and they cannot accept it.
I did explain that I have used in store & they said they use different systems?
In app chat yet to come back to me.
When I paid online - well attempted it went through all the normal steps including auth in app but once this was done it declined on line.
Am I the only one?
I suspect Next have an issue online but it is preventing me doing full Monzo.


Im interested to see if these problems arise when the likes of TSB switch from visa to mastercard debit… Somehow I bet they dont!

I’d have politely pointed out to the uneducated customer service advisor that you spoke to that Next is infact a british company with HQ in Leicester which is indeed within the same country as the operations of Monzo bank. If this wasn’t enough for them to realise what the term overseas means I’d have then proceeded to explain to them your card is a UK issued Mastercard debit card from a UK bank authorised by the PRA and regulated by the FCA and if they still didnt have a clue tell them to go and google what you have said to them so that they have a little knowledge for the next time they try to fob someone off with a load of BS.

(Nick) #31

Hm, I’ve made a successful purchase from Next online in June, after they introduced a new system, but before Monzo launched 3D Secure. So looks like it’s probably something to do with that.

(Drew sanders) #32

The 3D secure worked - well it appeared to work with me authorising in the app. After this is just came up with an error on the website. Oh well I went in store and paid.

(Matt) #33

Monzo don’t appear to be doing much about these retailers that aren’t accepting their cards or direct debits (there might be something going on behind the scenes but they’re certainly not giving updates). Eg, I can’t pay Eon by Monzo Direct Debit. There’s already another thread about this. So I’ve had to open up an account with Santander (which I’ve already switched from). I don’t particularly want to use two banks.

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If Next haven’t sorted the issue when you come to use them again, they allow you to pay with Paypal so you could always use your card through them. You don’t even need a Paypal account I believe :slight_smile:

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(Matt) #36

This was 4 months ago - so you’ve kind of proved my point

(Jack) #37

Monzo have likely spoke to them but it’s ultimately down to next to resolve the issue.

(Sean) #38

There’s some useful information in there about what Monzo can and can’t control. Your Eon example for instance is not something that they can influence.

All for calling out when Monzo aren’t meeting their commitments but some merchants are even worse than the legacy banks with their ancient systems and processes e.g. Big 6 energy companies