Card checks amount -> same category

(David Sulitzer) #1


A quick suggestion, Amazon took £1 from me to check my card or something.
By the time it gave it back I had some additional Amazon purchases within different categories.

So the 2 transactions for the card check (both £1, one positive, one negative) were tagged different categories.
Maybe it would make more sense to have a rule to automatically assign the same category to 2 transactions which are the reverse of one another and occur both within a short amount of time (48h).


but you may get a refund of £20 for a returned car part and pay £20 for grocery delivery or get a refund on something you had bought for yourself and buy something for work…how will it know if transactions are related and it could end up trying to categorize totally different types of purchase under the same category…you would then spend more time recategorizing them

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I guess it would need to check the merchant too but it would probably be tricky to get the match 100% right, as refunds often come from a different merchant ID :thinking:

Maybe the team will have to figure out the best way to do the matching.

(David Sulitzer) #4

I wasn’t really talking about purchase refunds, although that would be needed too.
I meant the card checks which sometime take tiny amounts and puts them back later; those are always from the same merchant ID.


sometimes from the same merchant. I have had refunds from PayPal and Boots that came up with different merchant info (terminal or location) on the refund to the purchase, may be down to refund by an accounts dept instead of a shop or being batch processed instead of live.