Card arrival

My card arrived in 2 days but my wife has been told 10 days why is this?

10 days is only an “up to” date, it will likely arrive much quicker. What’s the rush?

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I assume they want to be Monzo buddies, or want a joint account, which you both need a personal account for that’s “activated”

If their account is locked until they receive their physical card fair enough. Not usually the case though.

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You can’t use your account until you activate your physical card now

Monzo no longer allow you to add your card to Apple Pay/Google Pay so you can start using it right away

Not sure this is 100% a thing. It was historically a risk based decision.

I spoke to someone at work who opened their account and had full access to the account, send receive funds, add to Apple Pay etc, and was still waiting for their card in the post.

So it’s hit and miss. At a guess it’s because monzo has limited address history for said person or they haven’t been at that address for long, so they make them wait for the card.

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I doubt when you signed up, it says ‘up to two days’ - it would have said up to 10 as well, no?


Well that’s my point I’m asking why this is when my wife lives at same address and has better credit than I do!

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Credit has no bearing on whether or not you’ll get a Debit card… it’ll arrive, probably in a day or two as yours did. They put there there in case there’s delas with royal mail or something

Monzo will process the sending out of bank cards one by one in chronological order

They won’t go through the whole pile and bundle togethers ones from people at the same or similar addresses. That’s for Royal Mail to do.

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered this somewhere BUT - this is what we call or used to call ‘Same Day Monzo’ not sure if it’s still a thing but I haven’t been told or discovered otherwise.

Some people get to access the app straight away some have to wait for their card!