Card and account details for current accounts


Thanks for the helpful reply @spicefox. Very encouraging seeing this is something they intend within the next 6 months!


you’re welcome - and by all means if Monzo isn’t meeting your needs right now and somewhere else does, take advantage of that.

Just keep an eye on Monzo :+1:


@anon40728597 I will have a look into that. Thank you!


Not sure if that’s planned but you could take a photo or just save the number in your notes app :thinking:

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Feels like a lazy workaround - other than issues of security with storing card details in external apps, I’d like to see Monzo be such a complete app that it could make the card redundant, as much as I’m a fan of the hot coral look!


I would find it useful as well having the card number in the app. Any plans to add it? Using third party apps is a workaround not a solution.

(Jack) #129

Agreed this would be so handy! Normally leave my wallet downstairs or in the car etc. So having to go find it to order stuff online is a pain.

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(Andre Borie) #131

In the meantime you can put the card number in your password manager - I put mine in 1Password. :+1:t2:

(Alex) #132

You can try revolut. My friend said it can keep the other currency in good exchange rate and send money abroad for free. But not covered by FSCS

(Alex) #133

Not covered by FSCS but money is held in a ring fenced account in Barclays or Lloyds so if Revolut went bust you would get your money back. I presume that is for all currencies not just GBP.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #134

And if Barclays or Lloyds goes bust…?

(You’re not covered.)

Lloyds Bank, pedants.

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The government would bail them out. Too big to be allowed to fail etc etc


If “Lloyds” goes bust then yes. But as for “Lloyd’s” they nearly went bust and set up the Equitas company to syphon off all their problem risks.

(Alex) #137

I still think Monzo is much more better because Monzo is a real bank but Revolut isn’t. If Monzo can add some good function the revolut provide. Then is will be much better. It is a good way to see what the next generation bank looks like. To achieve this, Monzo is much easier than revolut. I hope in the near future, I can use Monzo to instead my all other bank accounts.

Good luck

(Alex) #138

Then we have bigger problems

(Leon) #139

That’s not quite true as we would get our deposits back if it is not over the set amount that the (insert 3 letter acronym) covers.*

*Yes I can’t remember what it is and I should, oh well. I’m getting old. (I’m a day older then I was yesterday you know!)