Can't split a Monzo to Monzo bank transfer

Can you not split a bank transfer? I had a search and couldn’t find anyone mention it, which is strange so I assume I just can’t find the topic. I can’t be the only one :confused:

Just had a friend round doing some work on the house, sent him some money by clicking on his face, but can’t split the bill with my partner :no_entry_sign:

Someone help! :weary:

I’ve got split or add to shared tab on a payment I sent to my Starling account recently. Are you on Android?

Yeah I’m on Android, hang on I’ll get a screenshot…

For other transaction types it’s under ‘add receipt’ unless I’m just being dumb :laughing:

I can’t split a Monzo to Monzo transfer but I can split an external one. Wonder why?

I’m on Android, I also can’t split a monzo to monzo payment.

Ahhh how strange, thank you people!

I’ve renamed the title and moved it to the bug reports section as I assume it’s a bug :man_shrugging:

I’d guess it’s simply not implemented for this payment type.

I wonder why that one payment type would be excluded :confused: I also find it a little strange that nobody has noticed before too.

I don’t think Monzo work on exclusion, that’s a bit too much of a deliberate choice. I feel it’s more that they start with one “thing” and then add others slowly. ‘Exclusion’ then gets replaced by ‘haven’t got to it yet’ which is easily fallen into accidentally than a deliberate choice not to do something.

If it’s not been mentioned before then that’s perhaps the most surprising bit, I agree.


Sorry allow me to rephrase.

I wonder what makes a Monzo to Monzo payment different from a regular bank transfer. As I assume it’s not a simple oversight of a missing button. :thinking:

Either way, it would be helpful to know if it’s a bug or a feature that I need to be logging.

There’s some other differences with P2P ( Monzo to Monzo ) payments vs FPS (Monzo to Faster Payments network).

For example as discussed in this thread P2P & (guessing the mechanism for these is the same) payments are included in Summary if they have a category but FPS and JA movements are not.


Cool thanks, I’ll have a read shortly :sunglasses:

It’s also the same for iOS. Can’t split Monzo to Monzo bank transfers

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Theory: monzo to monzo payments are how splits are done, and splitting a split would break things

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