Can't send money RSA Error

(David Zilvys) #1

Hello so I got my new phone seemed like everything is fine with Monzo but when I go to pay someone it says RSA private or public key needed I will provide a screenshot.

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

Have you tried disabling nd then re-enabling fingerprint support for payments?
To me it looks like an error related to the fingerprint confirmation prompt (which, if I’m not mistaken, is something OS-specific given that it looks the same across different mobile banking apps).


As mentioned before try the fingerprint settings in the settings menu, if that doesn’t work message support one of the tech ppl will definitely get back to you

(David Zilvys) #4

So the issue was none of those. It happened to be that at the time of me trying to send money monzos sending payments was down so no matter what I tried it didn’t work. It is fixed now though that k you for all the advice :slight_smile: