Cant see my switched account on main monzo app anymore

Hello , i have a problem . I switched my Barclays bank to monzo everething i used for couple month but now i cant see anymore barclays account on monzo app ?

Are talking about Monzo Plus/Premium or an account switched using CASS?

Monzo plus .

So your Barclays account was showing in your linked accounts. You CASSed it to Monzo. The account is closed, hence you shouldn’t be able to see it any longer?

But im still can see my Barclays credit card account on Monzo app.
And i cant see even on Barrclays account on Barclays app.

Your Barclays account is closed.

Your Barclaycard account isn’t closed.


There is no issue here.

Once your Barclays account was CASSed it was effectively closed, hence the Open Banking integration within Monzo will no longer show it. Your BarclayCard account is still open, hence that’s still shown.


Thanks , now I understood . Thanks you