Can't register card

(Marc Drinkwater) #1

I went through the signup, topped up, got card

I can’t register my card.

After a game of 20 questions with what I’m assuming is a bot, it seems my initial top up was declined and so I just need to top up “in the usual way” according to support bot.

So, the app still asks me to register and I’ve no idea what the usual way is. Any ideas?

(Colin Robinson) #2

If you can’t access the in app chat function there’s an 0800 number on the reverse of the card - but they may keep standard office hours?

(Andrew Ross) #3

Are you able to access the in-app support? If so that will be the fastest way to sort out the problem - if not someone from :mondo: will help you on here.

(Marc Drinkwater) #4

Thanks, it was the chat where I had the game of 20 questions

“Have you got the card”
“Did you top up?”
“How did you top up?”
“Through the app, it wouldn’t send me the card until I topped up would it?”
“Has the £100 left your account?”
“I’m not sure, it’s not yet on my bank statement (irony). Is that the problem?”
“Some banks decline the top up, sort that and top up in the usual way”
“What’s the usual way!!?”

Support needs work :slight_smile:

I’ll try the number

(Marc Drinkwater) #5

Is the chat function using a bot? I’m having the most excruciating conversation

(Tristan Thomas) #6

Hey @Marcdrinkwater, just taken a quick look :slight_smile: It looks like you got it sorted but let me know if you still have any issues!

(Andrew Ross) #7

Glad it’s sorted now. The in-app support is with a real person! :slight_smile: