Can't pay some bills from a pot

Hey - I’ve set up a bunch of pots for specific bills and successfully set up some bills to be paid from them, however there’s a couple of payments that won’t allow me to select them. They include Spotify and Netflix, and all have the type ‘Subscription’ rather than ‘Direct Debit’, even though they appear in my Scheduled Payments list.

Is there a way that I can get these working?


Those are recurring card subscriptions, they don’t work for bill pots at the moment.

Some members have reported success by using PayPal to pay them, but you’ll have to have a search to find out how they did it.

Was just about to ask how to pay a sub from a pot!

Great idea, but only half way there really. Need to be able to do all payments in the same way regardless of whether DD or sub.

Great feature though!

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Thanks - do you know if support for card subscriptions is coming any time soon?

It looks like it works with PayPal, however is there a way to differentiate between PayPal payments to different vendors, eg Spotify & Netflix, and make them come from different pots?

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I wouldn’t imagine so. I don’t use the pot though and the community is an inventive lot, so if it’s possible someone will share the info.

Subscriptions is an entirety different game to DD’s and SO’s. I would imagine it’s somehow pegged to merchant data in order to be accurate, if it was easy it would be done!