Can't park there mate!

Now on day 3, it’s having s big knock on affect to the shipping industry, there’s approx 150 ships waiting to get through the passage.

As you can see from the live tracking it’s wedged across the entire passage 🤦


This digger trying its best lol



The others need to stop being lazy and go around.

It’s supposed to be a challenge, that’s why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy it would just be the way.

6 hippo points if you can name the film without Google.


The media is now claiming that this incident may increase oil prices!

Whatever next. They have already been creeping up by me at about 1p a week anyway over the last four weeks.

No idea, but it reminds me of the James Bond film where he has to drive over a canyon with a stump of an old bridge and the sheriff-on-vacation in the car.

Is your quoted film similar situation?

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Road trip?

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We have a WINNER!!

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I love using that phrase.

Haven’t seen the film in years, but now I know what I’m doing after work this evening :joy:

I have just googled the phrase and “road trip” and found this

I guess I was sort of right, but definitely no canyon in this movie :grin:


Reminds me of Austin Powers turning round in a tight corridor :joy:


On one note whats this going to do to the horiffic petrol petrol prices due to rises in moving oil from the middle east. £1.19 when i filled up today at the station near work. Went as low as 98.5p for me during lockdown.

“Guys, can someone give Elon a bell?”

Might aswell just give up that thing ain’t gonna move anytime soon.

Can bet after this they’ll be putting a plan in place to excavate another lane.

Bit of progress

The saga continues, all this time and still arguing about it